Yukon will have light in the evening and gloom in the morning

Wednesday 16 June 2059 10606 Shares

Yukon will have light in the evening and gloom in the morning

Yukon is abandoning time changes and switching to daylight savings time for good. By making the switch, Yukoners will have more wonderful daylight in the evening with mornings being dark and long, just to lift your spirits when you wake up. The territory will now be on the same as Alberta, N.W.T, and northeastern B.C. “We will no longer have the pain and hassle and the unterly huge task of having to switch our clocks” said Premier Sandy Silver.

The Premier Sandy Silver, was going to fight for permanent daylight savings time all by himself but he soon realised he might need some help. Some Yukoners supported the idea which gave the Premier the help he needed. People that dont like to get out of bed in the morning love the new time.

Research shows that more light in the morning is actually healthier. With the new time, people will stay up late then be tired in the morning. Andrew Smith responded by saying, “the Yukon is already dark” which we already knew so nothing was achieved from Smith's statement.

There are predictions that some technical issues will arise. Yukoners should not worry as Andrew Smith will be staying up all night on Saturday just to make sure clocks don't change automatically. According to Smith, ending the time change is “outdated” as it should have been done a long time ago. It would please Smith to see Yukoners take pride in the new time zone.

As a result of the new time, Air North had to completely redo their flight schedule.

The ones that support the new time are pleased but the Yukoners that don't support it are frustrated.

Jimmy Elroy who has been in the bush most of his life says, “Anybody that is outside should know, light in the morning means an earlier start and more gets done”

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