Wife and Husband deem their baby to be a " Rainbow Child"

Wednesday 16 June 2059 33316 Shares

Wife and Husband deem their baby to be a

The first “Rainbow” baby was born this Saturday, to Sabrina and Derrek Wentworth.
Sabrina has been seen quoting on twitter about her unbelievable happiness of an untroubled pregnancy. Sabrina also tweeted about her excitement of giving birth to potentially the world's first Rainbow baby! She stated, “ Derrek and I are overjoyed to bring our Rainbow baby into the world today!”

This was a revolutionary change to the world of sexuality as their baby would not be given a gender. Sabrina and Derrek have made the decision to abstain from giving the baby a gender. They believe the baby would then be freed from the gender norms of society and become a more defined and confident person.

This development has aroused many controversial arguments about ethics and rights.
We interviewed Sabrina to see how she felt about this developpement, “ Well, it's just hard to believe that a decision we made can affect so many people. My husband works at the local grocery store and fears that every customer will have something different to say, you know, given we come from a small town and all…”
With the continued rise in Gender Awareness peoples opinions are constantly adapting and changing. With this there is an ever growing number of people who believe in Sabrina and Derreks cause. With an increasingly more acceptive public Sabrina and Derrek have begun to feel more content with their decision on a Gender Neutral baby.

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