Precautions are ruining our country

Saturday 15 May 2059 90336 Shares

Precautions are ruining our country

After months of being totally precautious about being clean, wearing masks, and staying safe in our global pandemics, many americans are growing tired of this and want “everything to go back to normal.”

So as a journalist, I took to the streets of new york to interview how people are feeling about life in these current timeless, and the results showed to be overwhelmingly negative. One man exclaims how “everything takes so much longer, I don’t want my ears to hurt anymore, and I can hardly breathe while wearing a mask.” A gorgeous young lady told me “I don't want to cover my face anymore, I want the world to be able to see how I look. How am I supposed to get a boyfriend when they can’t see what I look like.” another man goes on to say “I hate smelling like this awful hand sanitizer all the time, it's awful and it gives me a headache. I don't even care about getting sick anymore, I’m just tired of what other people are forcing me to do.”

It’s obvious that the people don't want to do these things anymore, and it takes away from our personal freedoms. These circumstances are unlivable and no one wants to do it anymore. We, as a people, have a right to choose what we want and don't want, and it's up to you to decide not to wear a mask. Go out and be what you want- or who you want- and don’t let anything get in your way. That is what this country prides itself on.

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