Biden voters seen to be heavy drinkers during election

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Biden voters seen to be heavy drinkers during election

As the polls opened up, so did many bottles. Drizly, an online alcohol delivery service noticed a massive increase in sales since the elections began. Drizly sales representative, Brandon Roffur says that he is pleased to see the business so busy, and hopes people are staying home to enjoy their alcohol during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Blue states California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Oregon, Washington, Rhode Island, Illinois, New York, Vermont and Maryland, and Washington, D.C. saw an increase of 75 in sales compared to a few weeks before the election. Red states Idaho, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Louisiana, Tennessee and Wyoming, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Texas saw a much smaller increase of about 55. In 2016, there was also a spike in sales during election time.

Drizly has seen a rise in sales since the outbreak, as people don't want to go out to purchase liquor. The red states generally have a higher drinking rate than the blue states so it is a surprise to see the blue states on top. Steve Hollins, manager of Jersey Street Liquor in Boston, says that sales out of the store have decreased dramatically since the pandemic started, but they have begun increasing with the election in full swing.

Many people say that although they have been staying home, they are holding small family gatherings to watch the results from the polls roll in. Not only did liquor sales go up, but also junk food sales. The top google searches were to find junk food and liquor stores near a certain destination.

Trump supporters believe that this rise in alcohol sales in the blue states correlates with lack of intelligence when it comes to voting. Democratic voters say that the increase is purely just a celebration of a drastic lead in the polls.

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