Boys Prosthetic Arm Stolen From Single Mother’s Car in Saskatoon

Saturday 15 May 2059 57259 Shares

Boys Prosthetic Arm Stolen From Single Mother’s Car in Saskatoon

“This is truly a disgusting act of terrorism, stealing an aid from a disabled boy, explains the mother.”

A Saskatoon mother is advertising for everyone to watch for a stolen item of her sons - his arm

three year old Julian's prosthetic arm was stolen from the mother’s car over the weekend in a downtown neighbourhood in Saskatoon.

The black arm with a beige hand was adorned with a Phineas and Ferb sticker on the forearm, and was stored in a small red duffel bag when Julian wasn’t wearing it.

Early Sunday morning, the mother and her child we’re on their way to attend church, as she realised her car was broken into.

There were many things missing, such as snacks, loose change, a flashlight and other objects she kept in her glove box, and of course the red bag which contained Julian's arm.

“They may have been rifling through my car looking for loose change and valuables and mindlessly put everything in the bag which also contained my son's prosthetic arm.”

She is urging everyone to check their garbage bins for the arm, as garbage pickup is Tuesday morning.

“I don't think they meant to take the arm, but it's gone.”

She is a struggling front line worker, working at a grocery store in downtown Saskatoon, raising her child as a single mother as her partner died of cancer the year before.

“I have so much going on right now, my already bad situation keeps on getting worse”

Saskatchewan health only pays for a new prosthetic every two years, and he hasn't had his that long.

“With Covid-19 his silicone insert which goes in the prosthetic arm took 3 weeks! And now we will have to go through all that trouble again

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