LeBron James Is NOT the GOAT and You Can't Change My Mind

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LeBron James Is NOT the GOAT and You Can't Change My Mind

Lebron James has been called the GOAT once again. This is his 17th season and like no other he has stayed strong. He has led every team that he’s been on to the NBA Finals. Lebron has been a beast with 10 trips to the NBA Finals but only won three NBA championships. His career is already historic and hall of fame worthy. But no other GOAT like Michael Jordan has never lost in his 6 trips to the NBA Finals. This would somehow settle the MJ and LBJ GOAT debate. It would be better if MJ was born in this era to settle this debate. In MJ’s era, it was so much tougher because he had to go through the “Bad Boy Pistons” before making it to the Finals in the Eastern Conference. The rivalry between the teams was so intense that their games got very physical. Of course, people will say that Lebron has it tougher than Jordan because he had to go through Curry and the Warriors to win the finals in 2016. He would’ve also gone through the Bucks and the previous NBA Champs, the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference before getting traded to the Los Angeles Lakes.

LeBron has it easier than any player from the 90’s. They had to dig way more than anyone in today’s game. In 1991, during a series sweeping game between the Detroit Pistons and the Bulls, Kenny Rogers from CBS Sports predicted before the game that 85 percent of the game would become very physical because the “Bad Boy Pistons” vowed to never allow Jordan light them up in the Eastern Conference Finals. Jordan suffered a severe sprained ankle but continued to play in the NBA Finals and to finally get his first championship ring with the Bulls. No one nowadays can play up to MJ’s level. In today’s game, load management is a common cause of a player like LeBron James to miss games. LeBron takes a sit out for a few games during the 82 games season because he is tired of “carrying” a whole team behind his back.

In 2018, after losing to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, he requested a trade while in free agent to end his four-year contract after “being [tired] of having the role of a superstar” in Cleveland. He formed a super team with Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving during those four years. He then signed with the Los Angeles Lakers where he missed most of the games in his first season with a severe groin strain. It was the only season where LeBron didn’t appear in the playoffs for the last thirteen years. Last summer, Anthony Davis joined him and several other superstars in the Lakers. Chuck Barkley from TNT states that Lebron is a great player but he gathers super stars to help him win championships but it doesn’t work out because all super stars have different beliefs. Do you think Lebron can clinch his 4th title with this new super team that he built?

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