COVID-19’s Dark Side

Saturday 15 May 2059 8787 Shares

COVID-19’s Dark Side

Despite the promising COVID-19 vaccine candidates on the horizon worldwide, experts say Canada needs to overcome major hurdles before the public can have access to it. Since the world of technology has entered everyone's lives there has been many changes in everyday life. Since technology has made the world more connected it was easier to influence the masses. Which is why, getting the vaccine out is so difficult, the fake news followers who believe in anti-vaccine are one of the huddles, because if they don’t get the vaccine then it is nearly impossible for the public to reach herd immunity and protect vulnerable populations.

Another concern that arises because of the internet in regards to COVID-19 vaccines, is the very well known conspiracy theory making light at this time. The theory states that the vaccine itself has a chip inside that the government will use to track all movements and track everyone down every hour of the day. There is still no confirmation on this theory but many professionals have started talking about the possibilities of the tracker. Some medical professionals have even been seen near dog tracking industries and markets. This is why so many people are going against the vaccine itself especially in the U.S and all the protests that are happening.

In addition to those there is also the hurdle of actually getting the vaccine out to the public. It is said that "The rollout is going to be the most difficult part of this vaccine and that's the part I think everyone is starting to think of today," Dr. Zain Chagla, an infectious diseases specialist at St Joseph's Healthcare in Hamilton, told CBC's The National. The reason for this is when a vaccine that works is created, there aren't enough factories for the vaccines to be made in. Especially, because the vaccines take so long and special preparations to make. For example, some of the vaccines use incubators and only certain companies are equipped with those and the number of companies isn’t enough to vaccinate the world. Quach says unlike influenza vaccines, there may not actually be enough doses of COVID-19 vaccines to make a significant impact — especially early on. This brings out the problem of who will get the vaccine first, a rounded out survey says it’s going to be America.

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