Youtuber qtoons dies from covid-19

Monday 08 March 9375 Shares

Yes the youtuber qtoons also known as emica adachi died on the 9th day of December 2020 from a horrible case of corona-virus. she got the virus on the 4th of December 2020 and was sent to the hospital on the 6th of December 2020. before she died she made letter to everyone she knew

"i'm sorry for the plague i thrown onto my friends. felicity, Furious, oley. i did this because i wanted attention. i think didn't this would happen. im sorry"

this was written on the 8th day of December 2020,and refers to people named "felicity, furious, and oley.these people were her friends who also have youtube channels, felicity owning the pixelleaf channel garnering 54.4k subscribers, furious owning the fkc10 channel garnering 791 subscribers, and oley owning the oley channel garnering 8.64k subscribers when they heard about this they felt bad about what happen to there friend despite the fact she was narcissistic and a cyberbully