Crib Champ Doesn't Forget Where He Came From

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Crib Champ Doesn't Forget Where He Came From

After a historic rise to the top of the Hub Crib Championship, newly crowned champion reflected back on his recent winning streak that resulted in him taking the title. "A week ago, things were looking pretty dire", new champ Mike Wood commented. "I stuck with the game plan, you know, trying to get as many points as I could. I'd say my victory over August (who was the 1 contender at the time) was an upset. I really had to make sure I counted all my nibs and nobs in that match. But after I won that, I thought I might have a chance against Destiny."

After his victory vaulted Mike into the most recognizable player on the Hub Crib Circuit, he did not let the fame get to his head. Mike didn't forget where he came from. "Abbotsford", he stated with a nod. When asked if he sees his life changing after becoming champion, he responded in typical Mike fashion. "I really think the title of 'crib champion' belongs to the people, I'm not super comfortable with taking that title all to myself. Please call me Crib King. Or CK for short."

We reached out to Destiny for a comment on the championship match, but the former champion didn't want to talk about it. "I'm still the spelling bee champion" was all she had to say in response to every single one of our questions. We are left wondering if the next word she will have to spell is 'sour grapes'.

*Editor's Note: We are aware that 'sour grapes' is two words. We are conducting a search to find a similar term that is only one word and will update the story once we figure one out.

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