Source Of Local Covid Outbreak Identified

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Source Of Local Covid Outbreak Identified

MERRILLVILLE - More than one million people from all over the U.S. were drawn to Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans last February during the dawn of the pandemic.

Now, a new study shows the absence of COVID-19 safety regulations during that time period, as well as a newly identified superspreader that spawned up to 50,000 cases.

"Mardi Gras acted as a sort of amplifier, which caused dramatically increased transmission," Mark Zeller, a virologist and co-author of this study, told FOX TV Stations. "For this to happen, you need two things. You need to have a large count of people who are largely unaware of the virus, and you need to have a moble virus. Both of these things just collided."

Researchers at the Scripps Research Institute, Tulane University, LSU Health Shreveport and other institutions said in the pre-publication study, " We have identified the superspreader responsible for the outbreak "

The report names Randal W Boyd of Hobart, Indiana as the " Superspreader ". Mr Boyd is known in the Midwest as a " trophy hunter " of sorts. He doesn't hunt in the traditional sense, as where one would use a firearm, but in a sexual form.

Randy, as he likes to be called, travels the world and has sex with the indigenous wildlife. It was reported that back in 2019 Randy had " relations " with a pangolin. Reports show that the virus was transfered from a bat to a pangolin sometime in 2019 but researchers were unable to figure out how the virus jumped the animal / human barrer.

More research is needed to create a DNA profile but it has been reported that Mr Boyd is on isolation precautions until testing is completed.

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