GamerBoy80 dead, Famous Minecraft Youtuber and beloved family man dies at 22

Monday 27 September 2059 39661 Shares

GamerBoy80 dead, Famous Minecraft Youtuber and beloved family man dies at 22

YouTuber gamerboy80 has passed away from cancer, thousands of fans mourning his death. His family left to fend for themselves.

We are currently interviewing his family as I type this. They say although gamerboy80 was really annoying sometimes and he was kicked out of the house at 18, he will be missed (but not by his sister).

React News: How will you deal with this tragedy

Family (All): we are really sad about his passing, but honestly we are over it now

React News: What will happen to Gamerboy80 Youtube channel

Family (Dad + Mom): We will most likely auction his Youtube channel on a 3rd party website

React News: Thank you for your time,

Family (All):

This interview with his family reveals a lot about his very short lifetime, but one thing that many people do not know about his gamerboy80's personal life. His name is Andrew, and he has been married to his lovely wife sinec he was 19. She goes by Sarah which is odd because that is also his mom and sister's name, but they all spell it differently. We asked her how she felt about the incident but she did not speak (we do not know if she can talk or not but our team is working on it).

A real sad fact that has been discovered, is gamerboy80's Twitter from 2007. There is screenshots of gamerboy80 using racial slurs and saying things that are not acceptable in todays world. Because of this a lot of fans are saying "good" in reference to his death.

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