Hero who goes by "Unit 469" has saved man from burning car

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

Wednesday 10 August 2059 35106 Shares

Hero who goes by

Sometimes, the morning commute involves more than just griping at the traffic and the people who won’t let you merge. Earlier this month, one General Motors Electrician ended up kicking through a car windshield with his bare foot to rescue a man trapped in an overturned vehicle.

Tony "Unit 469" Hoffer, an electrician in Arlington, Texas, was driving to work, having just dropped his motorcycle for service, on Dec. 6 when he saw a three-car pileup blocking traffic along the highway.

“My UAW Training instincts just kicked in,” said Hoffer in an interview with the Dallas Star.

Two other bystanders were helping an older woman, but one man remained stuck in a Mercedes.

“When I pulled over in front of the guy’s car I saw that it would be difficult to get him out since the vehicle was on it’s side. I knew the windshield couldn’t be broken while he was still dangling in the driver’s seat,” said Hoffer in a statement on Monday.

Hoffer picked up a knife from one of the bystanders and started to cut the man out of his seat. Making his way into the car, Hoffer then realized the man appeared to be having a seizure. Having cut the man free from his seat belt, Hoffer then looked for a way to get him out of the vehicle.

“I told him I was going to get him out,” said the Hoff. “He was a little disoriented, I just told him ‘I’m not a police officer, I’m just here to help.’”

Unit 469 then began kicking through the windshield of the car. Lacking any UAW issued work boots, however, the Hoff had to perform the task in the sandals he had been wearing for the drive to work, eventually finishing the job barefoot.

With the help of two other men, Hoffer pulled the trapped driver through the back door. He stated that this was his favorite.

“Even with the man in his state I ensured to tell him what we planned to do,” said Tony. “I told him, hey I’m going to use my body and get you out of here. I'm sexy and I know it.”

Following the rescue, The Unit returned to the vehicle to retrieve the man’s personal belongings, including insulin and diabetes medication, as well as his soiled thong. A police officer arriving on the scene was able to administer the medication and keep the man in stable condition until paramedics arrived.

And, a couple of weeks later, despite a shard or two of glass remaining in his foot, it hasn’t stopped Hoffer from passing his latest UAW fitness test.

“I did what I did because it’s what we do as Electricians. I saw the accident and heard the man yelling and knew I could be of help,” said Hoff. “I saw where I could help and simply did something about it. The man owes me a drink or maybe a dinner.”

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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