Posts of the day 2017-04-12

The US government has released news that President Donald Trump has been shot on stage from a 700m range
Wilberforce College shutdown
Joe Clarkson is a giraffe in disguise
Winifred holtbly closed due to fire
Wakefield on the move
Owen Weir kidnapped a donkey from a bush
Daniel Loughran Ginger Celtic Scum
Sirius North English teacher getting fingered
Golden State Warriors Trade Stephen Curry for LeBron James
Explosion in the Gulf!!
Girl shags sugar daddy
Elgin high school
Marijuana Legal In Louisiana
Kelo carrillo out of San Angelo Texas has been signed to rap-a-lot records
Royal borough of Greenwich home to sexiest man in UK
Perge coming to Manchester
War with Russia
Natalie Sheridan loves it up the bum
OPS's Student Transportation of America Contract will be terminated
Kids caught going to Stratford alone
KCON coming to UK
Andrew & Chrissy are getting married.
Jordyn heard
Kingswood academy off for another week
Carmen white has been arrested this morning see description for further information
Failsworth school shut down!
Karen leech wins the lottery,gives the money to her sister for pizza
Fat Obeast ??? Worksop
Outwood academy portland is getting SHUT DOWN !
Under aged alkies
Brookville man accused of robbing plylers beer distributer
El chapo escapes and on his way for trump
No laws
Ww3 has begun
The story of my life
Police seek assistance in nabbing Peeping Tom
Teen boy left in East Ham primark by ( RUNAWAY) parents at the age of 4. (his parent are pornstars)!!!!!
Sometimes Darrel Patten Farts While Taking a Bath
Recreational Marijuana Now Legal in the U.S.
Big poos all over the place
Cande Perez
Grapes are being age restricted due to choking hazard
Devon shares fake news
Michael Lord Will Die on 19 April By Getting Hit By a Car
Michael Lord Will Die on 19 April
Liam Wilson Mods Turned Gay 4 April
Liam Wilson Mods 4 April
Man Admits Feelings For Taco Slinger, Goes Missing