Posts of the day 2017-06-27

Local Dimwits Fall for Fake Shark Article
Great white shark found in ky pool
Woman who stole puppy has authorities going door-to-door on a dangerous man hunt. Locals are warned to stay indoors with their pets
Jimmy Hoffa spotted at local press release
KY bull shark issues statement to local press
Kentucky Hellhound Seen in the Land Between the Lakes
Bigfoot Seen Riding Donkey Down Main St. in Tupelo, MS
Cameron hassan hasnt got charge for using his teeth as weapon
Mr. and Mr. Long
Anaconda in Dale Hollow Lake
Bull Shark pup caught on camera by Geist Reservoir Fisherman
Mountain States Health Alliance Announces Acquisition of James H. Quillen VAMC
Woman Arrested for Indecent Exposure At Bath & Body Works
Jordan comes out of closet
New railroad only employs gays
Paducah Man Actually Has Small Win in Family Court
Bull Shark Caught on Lake Tippecanoe
Local Adairsville, GA man free after roommate leaves
Some people will believe anything
Missing Local, Body Found
Eclipse Unlikely Now Scientists Say
SASQUATCH spotted by henderson man
Louisville, KY Man Signs $2 Million Recording Deal
FROM ATLANTA TO AIKENS: Man arrested with meth, cash and guns
Brad Vickers death
North Korea Prepares for Invasion
Louisville, KY Man Signs $2 Million Record Deal
FROM ATLANTA TO AIKENS: Man arrested with guns, meth and cash
Scientists Dumbfounded as West Kentucky Shows Signs of Dumbing Down (did you believe the bull?)
Man wanted for aggravated assault using an ice cream cone!
President Trump converts to Islam and declares sharia law, marking swift change of policy and political ideology.
North Korea targets Philippine islands
Philip Simons Caught in Dwarf Tranny Love Triangle
Chris Flood to become the next "Hand of the King"
FROM ATLANTA TO AIKENS: Two arrested with guns, meth and cash
Cat Killing Weregoat on Rapids Road
Phillipine waters tainted with fukishima nuclear waste
Experts hired to catch Kentucky Lake Bull Shark
Bull Shark caught in Taylorsville Lake
Local Rapper Yung X was shot and killed
Alabaster to get new Splash Pad
Ossiel Avila killed by bullshark in his families pool.
California man missing.. Officials suspect foul play..
Worlds most sexiest and intelligent guy!
Deez Nutz spotted in Sympsons Lake
You are now gay, sorry
Dennis Rodman to Marry Kim Jong-Un
Moriah Dycus Eats Pretzels with Chocolate Milk
C-West Confirms"I started the HIV!!"
Dogs Legally Allowed As Driver Of Autonmous Cars
Santa Caught Riding A Shark in Kentucky Lake
Trevor Makengo "The Composed The Lion" has retired SDJ immediately.
Bull shark found in lake Barkley
Gun laws change over night in Indiana
Michelle Gaeta Just Isn't That Cool Anymore
Hundreds of people fooled by website claiming sharks in Kentucky Lake
Roy Anderson eats shark in Kentucky Lake
108lb blue catfish from the Wabash river
Taylor Swift RETIRES
Loch Ness Monster & Bigfoot BOTH spotted near Eggner's Ferry Bridge; showdown with bull shark expected
Girl beats up 70 year old woman and steels her handbag ???? in the green isles hotel
Kings deal superstar D to eastern team
Three More Great White Sharks Spotted In Portland's Willamette River
Messi to Liverpool
Black panther seen near Lucas Lane in Humphreys County Tn.
Wanted for questioning
Ky lake bull shark caught