Posts of the day 2017-06-28

Bull shark found in puddle in Muncie!
Po Monkey Lounge to be re-opened!
KY lake bull shark safely moved to Audubon state park lake.
Bull Shark Caught on Donnell Lake
Bigfoot spotted in noblesville
Vandalism of Atterbury Fishing Pier
Local hero landed bull shark on ky lake.
Best value, most overlooked.
Suspects wanted in Atterbury vandalism
The Earth Is Dead
Great White Shark spotted in Lake Tippecanoe
Alexandria, IN: Large python captured in Pipe Creek!
PNC Bank to Close All of Northern Indiana Branches
My brother Eric likes to smear poop all over himself
Unionville Indiana Woman to Fight Rhonda Rousey
Alabaster Citizens "Fed Up" Over Barrage of Fake News Regarding New Businesses
Suzuki Marine Recalls 20,000 Outboard Engines
Tree gets arrested for being to tall
Man still alive after 250 years under water
Former Mundelein Trustee missing from newly hired job
Shawn Bishop selected for walking dead main character
Brian Cavanaugh Sucks Cock in Prison
IAI Passes Resolution Allowing Examiners with Multiple Personality Disorder to Verify Their Own Cases
Your mom terrorizing swimmers in Lake Michigan
Robert Lewandowski has contracted malaria following a holiday to Tanzania.
Eating noodles is different for kids
New Study: Blue Cheese Cures Vertigo
Family of YETI's spotted in Horse Cave Kentucky
Albino Bobcat spotted in Posey county
Rick Gamble the booger thief....
Jillian Rodriguez, endorses fake news
Great White Shark now identified to be in Kentucky Lake
Mars Hills Resident Wins Hoosier Lotto 5.5M
Lord Ashley's Eastside pub to re-open!
Clinton's admit to funding Al Qaeda
Peeping Tom Forces Way Into Woman's Bathroom
Heroic Boy Saves Bird From Cat After Friendship Goes South
Cicero Man Arrested in Massage Parlor Raid
Brave Carmel men vow to protect their irrational friend Director Emeritus, Brooks Jackson sinks Shark story
Lion spotted in Lawrence county ohio
Sources say jhill kicks ass.
Hummels still living in Fishers
April Woodson wanted for questioning
Allen County Department of Health confirms Plague victim in Fort Wayne
Allen County coroner confirms one victim of Plague in Fort Wayne
"Sugar Dick" found to have largest cock
Harry styles new girl??
Indianas new law: drugs will get u more time then hurting a child
Patterson has biggest dick in the state
Harlan man to marry a multimillionaire !!!
Breaking News: Werewolf Spotted at The Eagle Nest
Tourist Found in Perth Man's Home Dungeon
Bull Shark in Kentucky Lake hired by Louisville!!!
Unknown Creature Caught on Camera In Geist Reservoir
Lola Dilly Bar Hotka decides to stop napping
Put In Bay: Pyrate Fest Costume Contest Fraud
Alligator Being Blamed in the Death of Kentucky Lake Shark.
Justine Veit tied to Russian Probe
Krispy Kreme Announces New Location
Andrew Luck Traded to Dolphins for 3 Consecutive First Round Picks
Bull Sharks caught at Dayton city parks & local fishing holes!
Granger man found dead at Diamond Lake golf course.
New Species of 'Flying/Swimming Green Rat Snake' found in 12 Mile Creek
Confirmed: Zach Davis has the world's largest penis.
David Bridgeforth wanted for questioning
Bull shark caught at Dayton city park
Mike Grimm Awarded Master Turd Hearder
James sullivan
Alabaster Residents Beat Dead Horses About Incomplete City Projects
La Porte County fines owner of sparking tree for excessive noise.
Travis is out of the closet
Rex the plastic dinosaur from Toy Story spotted in Lake Muncie
Jeff Klein to pitch for the Chicago Cubs
Bigfoot sited in Holliday Park
Comander Kleeman Declares State of Emergency on Lake Tippecaone
Rachel's Bitchin Scares Bull Shark
A new Russian vodka, you won't believe the ingredients
Monster Crab Spiders found in RV
Bob Dickerson in Hospital
Black bear spotted in Howard County
Family travels 1000 miles to adventure with loved ones
Country Legend Col. Nolan Phillips jumps KY Lake Bullshark
Country Legend Col. Nolan Phillips Kills KY Lake Bullshark
Lost keys found 8 Days Later
Local legend found dead on the banks of Blood River
Fake news sites being blamed for fake news!
Arlington Tx, Woman Cought Eating Her Own Foot .
Bigfoot sighting in Marshall County Ky
Webster County Woman Spots "Big Feet"
Alabaster to receive toll bridge over train tracks
Real Dragon Bones found in Cave in KY
Alabaster to get toll bridge over train tracks
Breaking News. Nancy Pelosi leaves the Democrat party to join the Republicans.
Riding A Dick Bicycle Great for Cardiac Health
Legal Intern Being Investigated for Jury Tampering
Demaris Wolf, a transgender?
Wawasee to hold water ban.
Sewage found in current river
Amber Alert
Cleveland Cavaliers make monumental trade
Alabaster welcomes dentist office, Long John Silvers, and Splash Pad!
Barack Obama
Millersburg Man Building Barn Addition Without Propper Permit!
Bullshark found by your mom
Florida couple goes on rampage
President Trump Enacts Executive Order Against Megan Barry; Signs Order Banning Tornados in Cool Springs District
Bull shark caught in Laurel River Lake
$1,000,000 Reward!!!
Mark just became goddess melissas bitch
Murray state student says he will stop at nothing until this Bull shark is out of his local waters
Godzilla Crushes Hardin County Man's '57 Chevy For Mocking Her
Surge of Slithering Critters
Beth Ann Benefiel of Avon wins $147 million jackpot
Liger loose in Kokomo Indiana
Gator found in backyard koi pond!
Man Pees In the arkansas river and said he wanted to bless the water
Record Catfish taken from Kokomo's Wildcat Creek
KY Monster catfish caught...
Nazi Troopers Found in Muncie
Bull Shark Caught Below Lock and Dam 15
Ancient electronic devices discovered in Mayan temple
Ancient electronlc devices discovered in Mayan temple
Local Macon Mo resident is said to have Mob ties
Aaron Rodgers announces retirement
Another Henderson Man Spots Sasquatch
Cat Hoarder Identified in Animal Control Sting
Breaking News!!!!!! Hillary Clinton found to be a cyborg!!!
Wild bear pigs
Local Murray Resident Wins the Powerball!
Mountain lion
Local Florida man diagnosed with severe Cynisitus
Bull Shark Bites Kentuckian Who Fell For Fake News Story About Bull Sharks in Kentucky
Bull Shark Bites Kentuckians Who Fall For Fake News Story About Bull Sharks in Kentucky
Anne Hakes Wins Year Supply of Frozen Peas
Chocolate & Grapes Helps Dogs Live Longer
Obama is BACK with a Vengeance
Serial Killer Found in Kosciusko
The banner stays....Louisville Basketball NCAA decision reversed.
Lion loose in Georgetown area
Paul Burkett named president
Earth Quake Expected in Carmel Indiana on 6/28/17
The risk is high!!
Black Bear found at local Zionsville home
Great White Shark Found In Azionaqua Swim Club Pool
2nd shark spotted on tippy
Leo tait
Sherriff believes sharks really in ky