Posts of the day 2017-06-30

Be on the look out for a White Chevy Silverado .
Henderson man wanted for flashing his "gun".
Corydon baby turns out to be a true gangster
Octopus looking creature in Kaskaskia River
Police officer got a minor pregnant
Cervesas Gratis Con Su Orden Hoy
Dj Nate Is Goin to jail for murder !!! ???? (Twitter @FlexxBabii)
Video sets views record in less than a week!
Fort supply lake deemed unsafe
Trump is hellbent on destroying members of My Demented Friends!
Mary Ridenour to Star in new movie opposite George Clooney
Mailman gives customers the finger!
Mailman gives customers the finger before going in vacation!
Henderson Kentucky Man wins powerball set at $1.5 million dollars
New Study Reveals the US population is buttering their corn on the cob the wrong way!
26 year old wins 50,000,000
Freshwater shark caught in Flanagan Lake
Freshwater shark caught in Flannagan Lake
Dolan Twins moving to Carmel,Indiana
Frog Announces 2020 Presidential Run
Google files for bankruptcy
Johnny Hallyday recovery: "Go fuck yourself to you all, motherfuckers!"
Multiple Decapitated Heads Found in Well-known Cabo Resort
Walt Disney World To Undergo Major Refurbishments in December 2017
Titans/Bengals Pull Off Blockbuster Trade
Madisonville Man Rides on the back of Great White Shark.
Local Seattle Man Arrested
First Female Goalie in NHL Inked to 3 Year Contract by Pittsburgh
Madisonville Man rides on the back of Great White Shark
Local Fisherman catches a Killer Whale in the White River
Henderson man arrested for stealing Jelly Donuts
BREAKING: Trump Holds Bugnacki Accountable
Indianapolis Photographer Pranked
Pinegrove Secret Show in Connecticut
Flying Monkeys Spotted Working as Bellhops at the Isle of Capri Hotel
Hit & Run
USI kibble & Prentice to end relationship with The Standard.
Heavy set lesbian chases squirrels wearing relax fit jeans and oversized polo
Mackinac Island partially shut down this weekend
Two people injured after looking at Disneyland Paris' Newport Bay Club
Two people injured after looking at Disneyland Paris' New Port Bay Club
Clown Porn Ring Busted!
Trump splits Illinois Counties. No more bailouts!
Kid falls off of Tornado at Rice Pool, Rice Pool closing down.
The Passing of a Legend
Government Conspiracy Against Jack Kulawiak
Tiger on On the Loose????????!!
Shameless Season 8 to be the Final Season
Life found on Pluto!!!!???? Let’s check it Out
Stealing Gum
Valerie Lowery Wins Billion Dollar Jackpot
Pringles are Incredibly Poisoned all around Fishers, Indiana. Police are involved in the case.
Area Man Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award for Micropenis
Maggie Cusack shames her Grandmother with her height
Meteoro caera a las 10:28 pm del dia hoy.
How I Met Your Mother Returns
Steve Cusack has erection lasting 4 minutes calls doctor
92 Year old Marge "Grandma"Cusack to run in Chicago Marathon
Shona Rhimes Pulls "Grey's" Off Netflix, Hulu, etc. Indefinitely
Man has erection longer than 4 hours and doesn't call doctor
My boyfriend when missed
Piranha found in Centralia.
Great White Found Natalie Creek
Bull shark caught, euthanized in Bartholomew County Near Mill Race Park
President Donald Trump refuses to dub his character at Walt Disney World's Hall of President, Obama's to replace him
Seeking the Walmart Peeper
Senior citizen fights back against home owners association
Liberals to be confined to three states.
Found: lost page redacted from the original AAText
Senior citizen battles home owners accoiation.
Indianapolis Zoo monkey's