Posts of the day 2017-07-06

Brother S Leading 'Welcome to Hell' Protest at G20 Summit
Bigfoot (Sasquatch) sighting in Southern Albemarle County.
Local Louisa resident Eric Ladd officially declared shortest adult in Virginia.
Teen breaks world record for most porn videos watched
Bigfoot Spotted
Writer/director of Curse of the Slasher Nurse drops out of film.
Local woman brings light to corrupted system
A Mid-20's Couple known as the "Calico Cat Killers" around Ripley County Area driving a 2014 White Nissan
Biggest prostitution bust in Martin County.......residents state "everyone keep close eye out"
BREAKING: Dom Saturday is the most woke person ever to walk the Earth
Not just Lil Charles but Solo To
Adam Markowitz Elected President
Boy aged 11 got caught smashing a bus
Got caught robbing in penneys
Outdoor Archary Complex
Outdoor Archery Complex
Trump reaffirms position on Scholastic relaunch during keynote Warsaw speech
Shania coffey caught robbing in garveys
Crazy Cat Lady Arrested
Blackhawks Sign Franson
Columbus Man Arrested for Streaking Through a Church and Disturbing the Peace
Russell Westbrook trade: Celtics deal for Thunders star
Current Trends of Eastern European Women Dating Latino Men
Beech Grove Refuses to Relent to Roosters
Missouri teen wanted for questioning in the disappearance of two female "little people"
Trump Moves Summer Home to Argyle, FL
Bull Shark in Lake Washington Really a Prehistoric Holdover
Prank call goes tragically wrong
Local woman gets 25 years for mowing yard at 2am
Hyaenas Spotted in Homer