Posts of the day 2017-07-07

Timber rattler bites motorcyclist on W. Hwy 46, Brown County, In.
Two kids kidnapped
Wanda Shelton wins Ms. Greene County!
Fight Night Friday
University of Cincinnati Scientists Report Harambe May Still Be Alive Inside of an Adolescent Human Male's Body
Coma Patient Awakens
Simpletons at UVA Security Believe Prank Story
Albemarle county man found dead
Yeti sighting in Rockingham County Virginia
Virginia Beach Man to replace Sagan in Tour de France
Update: Bigfoot sighting turns out to be Joe Kuhn's beard
Bigfoot sighted in Edison, NJ!
Sixteen year old teenager WANTED!!
Sasquatch siting Eastern West Virginia Panhandle
Update: There are totally snakes in Hawaii, and they are usually controled by giant spiders
UPDATE: Lahaina, Maui Snake infestation irradicated by swarm of flying sharks.
Big Brother Contestant Kicked Off For Violence
Pewdiepie wants to QUIT YOUTUBE?
Bigfoot Sighting in Augusta County, VA
Anaconda found in Greene County Va
Bigfoot Sighting in Augusta County, VA
Lahaina, Maui experiencing wave of beach front swimming pool snake infestations
High speed chase ends in tragedy.
Lake Resident photobombs Virginia Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries
Aliens steal Waynesboro resident's Kayak
WDBJ7 reports clown sighting at Bonsack Walmart
Sheriff department seeking publics help identifying a man taken into custody early Friday morning after a low speed chase on a tractor.
18 foot bigfoot spotted in Kentucky
Mass Grave Found on Grassy Strip Complicates Court Dispute
Shark found in lake cushman
Alex hooker signs with San Francisco 5 years 100m
Speeder clocked at 201 mph!
Mackenzie arrested after sucking dick for pennies
Christmas in July?
Abigail bishop
Samsquatch found in Staunton yard
Giant Snake on the loose in Lyndhurst Virginia
HUGE Lion escapes from zoo
Kid kills his self
Coordinator gets Jap-Slap by co-worker then he shits his britches !!!!
BLUE!! and WHI.... What?
Ghost captured on construction sight in Charlottesville by local "Ghost Hunter"
Dolphins in Lake Frederick
Sasquatch In Staunton, Va