Posts of the day 2017-07-11

Sharks found in Lake Zorinsky
Robots spotted in galesburg
Florida woman wins lottery!
Jeff Schmidt: Big Phony
Florida woman blamed for disabling NHL star for life is a prank website
Bull Shark spotted in Bluestone Lake, WV
My Sad Story, Please Please Share
Shark seen eating Alligator at Smith Mountain Lake
Markelle Fultz Likely to Miss First Half of Rookie Season with Severely Torn Ankle Ligaments
Luis payan
Local asian realator facing charges...
Man's penis explodes.
Benjamin Rupe Likes Short Shorts
Obama eats weenie.
Obama eats weenie. Fox charges cannibalism.
Quantum dilemma: scientists desperately seek proof that the rectum is a hole.
Del sol baseball team having gay Rituals on campus
Local woman accused of insanity
Man thinks all news is fake, blows off reports of red demon monkeys.
Daily unprotected sex with your spouse reverses diabetes
Breaking News
Ingestion of male ejaculate reverses diabetes
Pet Croc escapes in Penn Laird
Local man wins hello wrestling extravaganza
Asian realator released guppy....
TSN reporting that the Leafs acquire Drew Doughty from the Kings for Kapanen, and a first and second round pick.
Bull Shark eats canoe & 2 canoers on Little Miami River
Local man gets ride of his dreams
BIg foot confirmed in west branch, MI. (Ogemaw county)
Chocolate Lab Hunts Turtles
Blow Job Fish found in VA Waters
Local help desk technician continues to shine!!
Local help desk technician continues to shine
Kim K. has Chlamydia
Local Chef charged with possession of Cutlery
Rob Coles swallows by big fish
Packers Items outlawed in Iowa schools
Family of Black Bears Spotted in Bloomington, MN.
Harpers ferry resident wins billion dollar lottery
Kershaw Anticipates Another Postseason Collapse
University of Northern Iowa Burns Down!
Great Salt Lake to become sportsmans dream
Senators Trade Erik Karlsson to the Leafs for Kadri, Lupul and Leivo, Gauthier and 2nd round pick
Mark was found biting pillow in jail cell
Winchester, VA resident becomes famous.
Dead Bigfoot Confirmed at Salt Fork State Park
Donald Trump to Congress, the constitution must be changed so I can run a 3rd and fourth term. And so that Vladimir can be my Vice President.
You can literally make the title anything you want
Bigfoot Body Confirmed at Salt Fork State Park
Saint Albans Man Taken To Hospital After Trying To Swallow A Whole Tomato
Warrants out for Elkton Local
All Hatchimal friends are now on sale for only $19.99!
Two Great White sharks have been spotted in Davenport have now made their way into the minniapolis/St.Pual metropolitan area.
Living Dinosaurs found sunbathing in Mississippi river
Despite Reports, Shenandoah is Clean!
Facebook Group Shamelessly Uses Joke Site To Generate Traffic
Puzzle Hall Inn secretly sold and is now to become a strip club
Laura Is Silly, But Still Cute
Keep your pets inside Rochester!!!
John Mason was attacked by Pirates at Red Rocks
Trump steps down, appoints Jason Stewart president.
Studies show most people read headlines but not articles
Sharks spotted in Big Sioux river near Brandon S.D. has been confirmed as Great white shark
Trump Caught Using Russian Dressing. Impeachment a Certainty
Bigfoot Seen At Your Momma's House
Sioux Falls Rant and Raves page to be bought by Argus leader if other buyer canot be found.
First Victim of Bella Vista Shark
Infamous Face Book Hacker Jayden K. Smith Captured
Ben Shapiro dies
Rejoice, Iowa shoppers! Popular grocery store chain Trader Joe’s has signed a lease for a new store in Downtown Davenport along the River Landing in Spring of 2018.
Jayden K. Smith captured
Trader Joe's To Open Store in the Quad Cities
It's online so it's fact
Very crazy things!
Bigfoot Finally Found at Salt Fork State Park
Kelsey falls victim to another fake news article
Jew BWW Takes advantage of Unsuspecting Cancer Survivor!
Friggin' Narlz bought a Bugatti
Pinkerton, Pa man obducted by aliens
Young teen going to Washington
Docters found cure to cancer!!!
Man eaten by stump grinder
Dallas Cowboys has released Dak Prescott
Sterling residents Beware!!! Mexican ice cream laced with Herion
Sharks in La Crescent Pool
Slayton Pool Closing Due to Flesh-Eating Virus
Massive White Tail Deer Killed in Elkton, Va
Michael winery
Bigfoot Finally Captured at Salt Fork State Park
Bacon Increases Penis Size
Bigfoot (Sasquatch) Sighting
Jayden K. Smith caught
Lopata Wins the Lottery
Great white shark found in manawwa
Wade Wilson exposed as undercover cop!
Zika Virus in Illinois
City of Asheville pledges to turn all downtown hotels into affordable housing.
Robots new judges?
Bigfoot sighting redhouse va
Gorbachev shouldn't have torn down the wall - Austin Claims.
Sasquatch found in bear Creek Marianna ar
Nick is a fucking trump
Iowa to Get Ocean in 2017
Maggy Hovden Changes Name to Maggy Mallam