Posts of the day 2017-07-15

Granite city man stops armed robbery.
Donald Trump to resign, Mike Pence to become POTUS
Alabama Woman to Serve 20 Years for Loafing
McDaniels and Miller under Investigation
Michael Bennett, age 18, found dead in Mount Vernon Kentucky home
Big foot found!!!
Mary jane
Kathy Askew Garris To Serve Life in Prison
Dead Bigfoot Update
Donna Jo Robinson to meet the President.
Moshtni zatapki se rusqt
No more IT time in Boston
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World's Sexest Man
Antonio Garcia convicted of man slaughter
New study shows morons will click on anything because of aliens!
Do not feed treats
Manson to open steak house after release
Nashville resident Mike Schonenberger wins world's best disco dancer 2017
Manson to open Steak House aftee serving prison term.
Manson makes parole
Prince Alive!
Donald Trump to resign.
Fresno woman claims alien abduction
Trinity Lake has its own Loch Ness Monster
John Padilla eats world's largest tamale
Warwick clan Leader mysteriously spreads rumors on facebook
Crystal Meth to be legalized recreationally
Valerie Tollard wanted for stealing clothes out of Walmart
Teresa Marie Vogler Still Can't Grow Beard
New Hot Couple
Team Yoshimura/RCH Suzuki has announced the signing of a 49 year old North Florida veteran rider..
Trump Declares U.S. Under Martial Law In Response To Terrorist Attack
Hoquiam man fined for not listening to Wife.
Dallas man to be sentenced to life!
Robert is Time magazines Man Of The Year!
Obama and his husband will do prison time!
Dez Bryant found in motel room with a man.
Physicians' Reciprocal Insurers sold to The Doctors Company
Man kills 10 Bears with his hands while camping in the woods
Michael Ward is really an alien
Chuck Stevens Named World's Perfect Human
New Orleans based rock musician Doc Lovett signs 300 million dollar deal, for ONE SONG!
Andrew Henderson named sexiest man in history.
Does Your Hometown Top The List for "Most White Trash City in Indiana"?
Potential New World Record and you will not believe where.
Big Catch Catfish in Maricopa AZ
Woman Sought In Tom Green County
Trump to visit Benton City High School
President Donald Trump Begs Bernardo Matos For 'Bailout'
Campers who spotted Bigfoot Identified
Local Country Station Changes Format To Death Metal!
Crook Family Vacation North Captiva will never be the same
Fossilized Velociraptor Penis Found in Jurassic Hominid Female Anus
The newest gayest person in AUSTIN
Two men wanted for breaking vagankles
University of Texas in the Red
Twisted Hot-Dog Eating Contest Ends in Fourway Tie After Contestants Swallow All Available Meat
Charles Manson to be released on parole, to Duncan BC
Black Bear Cave Quarantine in Chicago
President Sends Subliminal Message.
Cash Crop Harvest
Sarah A. Caddell bail set to $10,000 for breast feeding in public park
LSU watching upcoming junior Micah Newell
Alien found dead on side of road,NM
LSU keeping a close eye on upcoming junior Micah Newell
Anna M Caddell found laying in front yard in the 200 block of Blanks St
Austin Man Builds a Bass Entirely from Wasp Nests and Donuts
Dallas Cowboys Make NFL History, Sign First Female Quarterback
Amherst Police looking for teen
KISS to release studio outtakes from the Music from the Elder sessions.
Billy the Kid’s treasure found by workers
Salem Oregon gets threatened by north Korea
Let em run outdoors Kayak Fishing group outlawed?
Mayeather punched meggegor
113 pound catfish on the James
Alien couple adopts Bigfoot and raises him. Elvis hired as Manny.
Elderly Couple Arrested for making Moonshine in basement
Weslaco High School to Close its Doors
Florida Man to Ride in Next Year's Tour de France
Brian Kath voted Long Beach's Sexiest Man Alive 2017
Chesapeake man wanted in Barnyard sex trafficking scandal
Kapstone Paper going non union
"It's a Meow-rical"
Ozzy Osbourne Created A New Tator Tot Casserole in 1972!!
Piranha Hybrids found in Upstate NY Lake
President Trump's resigns
Abilene alternative couple says love, not money, key to happiness.
Taco Bell announces plans to open a new location in Montgomery County
President Trump invites unknown citizen to White House for discussion on Pro Life Advocacy and Young Voters
Del Rio Man In Distress
Killer bees migrate to North American states
Watch out for the watcher
Japanese sailor found off Texas coast
Alien spotted on highway 70 in Las cruces Nm
Woman wins lifetime supply of Guinness
Amazon Prime misatkeningly sells adorable kitten for Amazon Prime Day!
CM Punk Returns To WWE
Drinking too much Coffee caused Severe Reaction to face
Laurel County Fair Has First Annual Venomous Snake Petting Zoo
Alien aircraft spotted in Pennsylvania
High alert
Get paid to take luxury vacations
The Birch Bay Cafe Voted Best Sea and Pirate Themed Decore in Nation
Ross Tarver Named In Bigamy Lawsuit
Toni Crocco-Faison to be given honorary lifetime season passes by Texas Rangers
Man from Iowa decides to make pizza and begin painting.
Lost Cat
Obama, Lynch, Holder, Clinton busted for collusion with Russia!
Schools of pirahna found in California rivers and lakes
Giant bugs
Local Schoolteacher Turns Out To Be WWE Superstar In Disguise
Rare Florida Panther found dead
Large Panther found dead in Chipley Florida
People named Dustin from Iowa are more likely than Justins to be awesome.
Gaars Mill Woman Charged
Bigfoot"s body found!
Coming Out
The rail
Searching for Sally Slap a Stranger
News Channels Say Their Goodbyes
Bombshell Model's Tragic Mishap
Celebrity sighting in Seaside, Oregon
Celebrity spotted in Seaside, Oregon
Local drug queen pin jessica chapman busted to day
Dead Dog Man Confirmed at Syers Lake, Irons MI
Oregon Family Arrested for Growing Pot
Local Toddler gets Art Show
Someone in Cambell River Wins Lotto Max
Jeep recalls their entire Compass line
Ford Motors Bought By Chinese Dalian Wanda Group
Longwood Man Rides Wild Bear That Stole His Security Camera!
Big Foot Spotted At Ivy Creek Natural Area Charlottesville Virginia
Newberg Bowling
Gas Station Shootout
All rice has dried maggots
The future
Johnny Depp dead at 54
Confirmed! UFO Crash Site at Indian Run Reservoir.
Mills Wyoming man has encounter with Bigfoot
Local Arlington man on motorcycle causes massive pile up that closed down I-20, because of a leaky O ring
Mills man falls for fake Bigfoot story
Mills man falls for cake Bigfoot story
Just in... Butts Stink!
Body found by Minnesota River
Sakic stepping away after '17-18 season
Body found
Lebron James traded to Oklahoma
Super Cop?
Michael Wearden prepares for role of Hagrid for Harry Potter Prequels
David Carrothers arrested on theft charges
Breaking News: Sighting of two angle's fighting in the sky
New species of Rose
Trump has DNA connection to Russia
Bigfoot found in Lake Tapps neighborhood
Ice cream causes extreme weight loss.
Crow remake
Everybody in this group is fucking nuts
Sasquatch spotted riding Old Rocky at Lake Habeeb today
Brownwood Woman Caught Riding Donkey In Wal-Mart
Brownwood woman rides donkey through Wal-Mart
Newport News man jailed for streaking.
UFO Sighting on American Airline Flight 239
Son of Sam released from prison
Iron Man sues Iron Man
Citizen dies in pool of lies
Virginia man to replace Vin Deisel in the next fast and furious
Fish caught in man's swimming pool
Bigfoot baby born in park city
Lottery Winner
Canadian Pacific Railway head promises 100 percent profit sharing.
Canadian Pacific Railway head promises 100 profit sharing.
Poofy Organics and Purium are the best companies on the market today!
Purge in Johnson county
Charles Manson to be released to Cherokee County Texas
Charlottesville man wanted for assault on WWE star at house event
Renowned Artist Promotes Sock Monkey Theory!!
Scientists prove young Earth theory
Supreme Court Renamed to Supreme Team
Lil pump on his way to cleburne tx
Charlottesville VA wanted for stalking WWE wrestler
Charlottesville women wanted for stalking WWE Superstar
Woman with uncontrollable weight loss
Albuquerque's The Source Busted For Prostitution
***Breaking News***
Whale beached at Elephant Butte lake
Donald Trump is moron
OP literally cannot stop sucking cock
Dead Bigfoot Confirmed at Alto Lake, NM
Swift Trucking Owned By ISIS
Dead bigfoot
Dead Bigfoot Confirmed at Alto Lake, Alto NM
Waynesboro man wanted for assault on celebrity
Peter Moore Chronicles His Amazing Life in New Book
Survey suggests most Facebook users believe everything they read.
Scientist finally clone woolly mammoth!
New Mud Truck class added to Ultra4
Shooting at enloa hospital
Sonora woman crown queen of the lake