Posts of the day 2017-07-17

Murray Dennis to be released on parole, to Johnson County, TX
Monster trade
Pink Floyd is back!
Vera Jarrell prison for life
Murray Dennis will box Charles Manson if CM is released on parole, to Johnson County, TX
Bigfoot discovered dead in the road in HAGUE, NY
Donald Trump found dead in bathroom!
Big Foot Sighting Confirmed in Ashton, MI
12 Foot Alligator Spotted again at Grand Lake!
Radical Left-Wing Socialists Invade Eastern U.S. from the West
Hundreds of Millennial Sasquatches Stranded in Victoria
Drinking water now illegal
Real Unicorn Discovered in Kingston Crescent Area
Local zeeland man wins $50,000 l
Dogs Rule, Cats Drool
Zeeland man wins $50,000 jackpot
Woman pregnant with a litter of puppies
Wow, turns out those $112 Teles are coming after all!
Mission Specific Ventures Selected Social Media Agency for Trump White House!
Devon caught wearing his wife's underwear
Justin trudeau killed buy bull attack at Calgary stampeed
Blonde in connection of murder at Waterfront Bar
Breaking: Creator of Bernardo Hoax Has Issues, Public Urged To Not Beat That Ass
Lady In Mississippi just won Powerball worth est. 14Million Dollars
Dave is doing the dishes
Grapie to host the New Gong Show in 2018
Amazon said to acquire JunkLuggers, LLC
Confirmed: Dowdy Skips Leg Days
Helicopter parenting leads to success
Kangaroos released in Roaring River State Park
Doc Holliday's Skeleton Discovered in Griffin, Georgia
A virtual no-name, Yvonne Hudson, has shocked the Hollywood movie scene.
Boy grows up too fast
See this is fake as fuck
Johnny Depp
Shenango Dogboy spotted
Gilly is a gullible bitch
Mount Forest teen caught red handing behind Foodland.
Tammi Gomes opens up about The Hokey Pokey
Alex Jones Receives Medal of Honor by President Trump
Alex Jones Medal of Honor by President Trump
A&W Root Beer supply dangerously low
John Wayne Gacy to be released on parole, to Johnson County, TX
Wreckless driving
Rooney says Manchester United used to be a big club and sir Alex said racist things
Life without parole Crystal Gillespie
Cape Coral Marquee Cinemas Under Major Investigation
One of Canada's 10 most Wanted.
South Philly Resident Repeats as Win for Life Winner
Geri Reidenbach arrested for posting fake rock story
*UPDATE* Bigfoot confirmed "Ok just hung over" Elephant Butte Lake, NM
Local Q.C. Attorneys Wife May Have Had Chance Encounter With Ted Bundy 42 Years Ago
Brock O'Donnell guest hosts Ellen next week
Miss America Pageant To Shut Down On News Local Woman's Undefeatable Beauty And Talent.
Welland resident Eric Winger outraged by fake news
Jared Fogle, ex-spokesman for Subway escapes prison and manhunt as been issued
City of Orillia Bankrupt
Donald Trump Assassinated
Man proposes to girlfriend and she turns into a unicorn
911 - Confirmed Inside Job
Breaking: Morton Ranch High School shut down
Chris Jones being questioned why he is alone in his home wearing a mask
Social More Media does more than any other Social Media Agency in Simcoe County
Social More Media has been Voted the number 1 Social Media Marketing Agency in Simcoe County
Donald Trump vindicated, Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway in handcuffs
Social More Media has been Voted the 1 Social Media Marketing Agency in Simcoe County
Katy Perry to join Dead & Co on stage!
Wichita Falls couple wins big in Texas Lottery
Facebook To Shut Down
Study shows massive population of turtles in white river cause of rusty railing.
Ulster County Woman Arrested on Prostitution Charges
Charles Manson to move next door to Joel Porter
Melissa Joan Heart voted sexiest 90's sitcom star
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Hilary Clinton Slept with Putin while Secretary of State
Mafia Hit Man Escapes Marshal's Bus While Being Transported to New Location.
Rich Lee breachs space time continuum
Rich Lee figures out a way to breach the space time continuum
Rockstar gets thrown in jail
00-bannana has been located
Man dips testicles in ant pile to try to start a new social media trend
Actor Dies
Local Bartender Wins Nobel Prize For Her Outstanding Service To Humanity.
Bpt man found with 2 billion dollars worth of raw fetinal
Former Carson City Alumni to Hit it Big
Etters Woman Hits Jackpot
Longs memorial park under remodaling soon
Justin Payne wanted for murder
Bob Weir announces Slash is to take over Dead & Company
Game of Thrones to End After Next Week!
Local woman arrested
Discovery At Chernobyl
Be on the lookout!!!!
South Philly Local Hits Powerball !!
If your over 40 you can get a free car from any Nissan car dealership in El Dorado, Ar
Aunt and sister fall off cliff
Local man first in world to parachute Everest summit from space
Man wanted in owego for heinous crimes
Chupacabra Sighting In Lansdale, PA. Locals Complain of Mutilated House Pets.
Justin Trudeau states The Toronto Wolfpack is too violent for Canada
A former Iowan admits to being a gold digger
New IC Champ crowned at house show in Buffalo
Mike luster arrested
Local Aliens Demand: "Take Me To Your Leader"
This is a Test
Free Wing Day
Trump Administration NAFTA Revamp Revealed
Stunning Turn of Events as Takeo Declares "Smarten up, people!"
BREAKING: Edmonton man does 5 minutes of pretty decent comedy
Dinosaur Bone found Botetourt County
Green Day will be performing at the Hidalgo State Farm Arena on Thanksgiving Day.
Green Day will be performing at the Hilago State Farm Arena on Thanksgiving Day.
UFO Sighted Over Linden, NJ Airport
Shark attack at Tucker Lake
Dinosaur bones in Hardy Virginia
NC Musician To Serve on Supreme Court
Insane Shark Attacks at the Outer Banks
UFO Sighted over Linden, NJ Airport
Torri Dooped By News Article
Montana Resident Arrested in San Juan Body Dumb Overnight.
Breaking news. your noble leader Barry Irwin has just became president of the earth.
Local Woman Helps Catch Thief
UFO Sighted Over Linden Airport
Local Woman Fends off Thief
BREAKING NEWS!! Angelina Jolie In Kingston Ontario
Chris Christie Continues to Irritate NJ Locals
Denise King of Muncie, Indiana has been chosen to be first artist to paint mural on outside of the International Space Station.
Peter Jackson signs to film Game of Thrones Roberts Rebellion.
Atlanta Falcons show interest in Future Pick
Tre Zilla announces presidential run with surprising running mate.
BREAKING NEWS!! People names Jess or Julie are susceptible to believing fake news!
Durango Colorado Residents Fall For NM Bigfoot Internet Hoax
Local Hamilton girl accepted into Juilliard
Anything you see on is fake
Local Hamilton Man Set to Become the City's first billionaire
You have been selected for top prize
Local Homeowner Entertains the Children
82 year old Elvis Presley found alive!
Maegan Lowe’s believes everything she reads on the internet.
Blake Primm is a butt munch
Charles Manson to room in local man's spare bedroom
Government says Canadian military to be disbanded to cut budget and improve global image.
Deputy Files Law Suit Over SMART Water
Town of Richmond Hill Bankrupt
Mississauga man lands 100k
Star Trek Voyager Revival In The Works?
Eddie is the man!
Most Handsome Man Alive
Mets trade deGrom and Syndergaard to Red Sox for Betts
EDWIN D. Wins 500,000$ on scratch off
Don Nesbitt
Gilson awarded Nobel Peace Prize
Steuben Foods to close
Its fake news sammy
Stephanie Callow to be released on parole, to Grimes County, TX
Sharks in the Susquehanna flats
Hartsdown academy the best school in thanet??
More trouble for the Washington nationals
Le'veon Bell Traded to the Browns
Young Burlington woman, lands 100k ticket
Local Transsexual Chosen For Next Shuttle Mission
Sam is cutest dog in the world!!
Trump is out
Patricia Davis
Casino millionaire
Shakookoo exposed!
Tracey Conley Wins 254 MILLION Dollar Powerball Lottery
Enzo Gall arrested for being too handsome and smart.
Reddit User SisterFucker9000 Finally located.
Millionaire"s of the Sweepstakes finally found the winner in Jonesboro, Arkansas
Dave Johnson now a billionaire
Woman Proposes with 6 mm Kidney Stone Ring
Dereck Carr out for the season
Big foot makes an appearance in JoplinMO
Fake News
Casting Call for all Life Guards
Local Mom donates 10 million $ to friend to build Yoga Retreat
Local Man Abducted From Home
Captain Patriot Sued for copyright infringement of Nacho Libre
Local Man Abducted
12 Foot alligator spotted in Northern Oklahoma
Mike Lanigan Arrested for manwhoring to big black cock
Holy fuck
Veteran Radio Personality T.J. Kelley TAKES OVER PANAMA CITY MORNING RADIO
Human Co2 emissions testing.
Hamilton Police Searching for Suspect
Buc Flair Arrested
Tsuut'ina Nation Chief and Council plan to have a feast to eat their words
If you believe this crap without checking this website first, you are a dork.
Man Breaking into Homes on Shelby St.
Natalie is a hot mess
Reckless Driver
Bull Shark found at Carnegie science Center
Melody's Mishaps
Banquet Goes Up in Flame
Holly Colter caught making FAKE NEWS
Ft Worth man on the run and presumed armed.
Woman Captures Alligator at Grand Lake
Shooting at Portland night club
Russian Navy on Beaver Lake
Won 265 million
GVSU Athlete Indicted on Cyber-Bullying charge
Arizona Man Wanted for Cannibalism
Man running tourist travel under fire
Many giant Chiggers located south of Miami Oklahoma
Paracord Addiction Bought By Google
Former Baptist Minister Arrested for Aiding and Abetting Criminals
Robyn wins the lottery
Global Warming on Mars
Brad Mumby/Rakete/Taylor to stand trial for fake names
Two Headed Catfish found in Orange Lake
Free Pocket Monkey
Omar Khadr to set up legal fund for other victims of hate crimes
George Clooney Loses Penis in Bizarre Accident
Hitler found living in Swiss Alps
Man Craps Pants In Store
Charles Manson to die in prison
Real Life Zombies?
Armed robbery
Around The Clock taxi was just voted 1 airport flat rate taxi in Pinellas county FL.
Joliet officer caught smoking marijuana outside Larkin street Dunkin Doughnuts
Charles Manson to be released on parole, to Grimes County, Tx
Trump Collapses Rushed To Hospital
Dirk Nowitzki Tears Achilles in Team Practice
Rivanna River Monster Charlottesville Virginia
Local dogs win online contest to compete nationally to win the title of cutest dogs in the country
New laws to Ban painting or hiding rocks!
The aliens on the moon have talked to nasa!
The real Richard B. Riddick.
Man accused of killing 9 in Piscataway New Jersey serial shootings
Saddam Hussein found alive working at McDonald's in Dayton, Ohio
Supernatural stars out themselves on Twitter !
Aids outbreak
NASA confirms alien landing in Washington: Message decoded from aliens "no intelligent life found"
Oklahoma to become part of California
Triplet mom wins $172 million from Powerball
Dead Bigfoot Confirmed at Klein Castle in Waconia, MN
Russell Wilson and Ciara let Future live in their guest house.
Portland man wanted for questioning
Cross dies at 41
Henrietta woman missing.
Frozen turd resembling Elvis found in Grand Lake
Bill Holliway to begin World Tour in Sept. 2017
The Test Is On!
Teen Arrested On Emerald Princess Cruise Ship
Tragic loss
Bigfoot captured
6 Large Alligators found in Saucier Ms. Lake
First Marijuana Overdose Reported
Orange Ohio Cat named Most Beautiful Cat in the World
Corn to $10
Parents of MiaBella announce modeling career, royal duties will have to wait
Stairs out, Jeltz in, as Phillies hitting coach
Wide spread epidemic
Bill Clinton Leaving Hillary For Caitlyn
Alledged Abductee Admits Alien Encouter Was A Lie
Man cuts penis in half with razor
Kent Falls for Fake News
BigFoot At Retzer
Alligator In Grand Lake Captured by Bigfoot
BREAKING NEWS. New Source Says Hillary Met with China in Attempt to Take Down Trump.
Large Figure Spotted on Hiking Trail
THE BRINKSMEN... Pacific Northwest's Musical Hometown Heros Gaining Worldwide Radio Success!!!!!
Could this be the cutest couple on FB?
THE BRINKSMEN... Pacific Northwest's Musical Hometown HerosGaining Worldwide Radio Success!!!!!
Breaking News: Sasquatch Drowns in Pool
WOW is all you can say!
The Brinksmen... Pacific Northwest's very own gaining success with worldwide radio attention!!
Breaking news snakes on the loose
Congress Repels Gay Rights Act
Thief Taylor sighting?
Cowboys are the number 1 pick for super bowl
Charles Manson Already Has a Job Lined Up for After his Relese, and it's a Daycare!
Tim Wilken to be released on parole
Giant Iguana Bar-B-Ques Tulsa
Missing Person Alert: Woodland Shores OK
Local man hits lotto
If you give a mouse a Flat Earth video
Sand Springs Starbucks Scheduled for Closing
World of warcraft
6.5 Creedmoors Banned in Texas
Why waste your breath when u can just give them the middle finger .
Alligator Kills Teen During Aquapallooza
Giant alien is holding the earth
Std sweeping the nation
Austin man wins award for invention
Drone Pilot kills 3 Spying On Strippers
Drone Pilot Kills 3 In Strip Club Spying Disaster
T-Rex spotted in King William County
Rare Footage Of Donkey Eating Ice Cream
Andrew Zwick to play for Finley Prep
Martha Clay breaks her silence on her secret love of pickled beets
Donald Trump signs secret executive order abolishing both houses of congress and declaring The United Empire States of America.
Pete G shit his pants
Thousands of Facebook people duped with fake news reports.
Fishing Boat Burns
Voted the 10 Most Beautiful Women of the World
German Shepherd
Leiv Arnesen Believes Everything On The Internet
Godzilla to team up with Jet Jaguar vs the Gargantua brothers
Harambe Memorial to Open 2018
An angel has fallen in Palmerston north
Chad wins at la crosse!
Real Country Is On The Rise
Woman made crazy
People across the country are being fooled and here is how
Jelly Fish Giant
World Ends Tomorrow Thanks to Micheal Lemus Fletchall Post!
Dan Cummings to be next astronaut to moon
More Fake News Making the Rounds on Facebook
The greatest one month anniversary
The Shitshow Strikes Again!!!
Crazy Redneck's Naked Rampage Inspires New Line of Coctail Franks
Mowing couple had "lunch" in cemetery, police investigate
Texas couple win Big
Copenhagen Snuff to be pulled from Shelves
Fifth Harmony Moves to Farmington, NM.
Wilkes Barre man wins lawsuit over emoji
Kingdom Hearts 3 pushed back until 2019
Tamujin also known as Genghis Khan was found alive in his home with 2 dogs and a cat.
Bigfoot spotted in King William County
Texas Roadhouse coming to Mechanicsburg
Shark Sighted In Lake Bixhoma In Northeastern Oklahoma!
Washougal, Washington has the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the entire country.
Ice cream
Mountain Lion Mistaken For A House Cat In Colorado
Kirby enders facing indictment for alleged ties to organized crime syndicates.
Wanganui teen beaten up over tik not being paid
Breaking! Birth certificate reveals Trump was actually born in Russia!
Attn: 63 and older Insurance increase of 35
Gulf Breeze man hits it big!
The name Nikola linked to autism
This story does not exist
Jennifer Clark arrested for tickle torchure
Columbia S.C, 1st Billion dollar lotto winner
Game Commission To Cancel Remainder Of Summer Due To CWD
UFO sighted in Michigan
Kathy Rego-Curran Boyd remains angry at Fake News
Millionaire porn star lives as average Joe!!!
Christy is gullible
Local Miami Woman Fooled by Fake News
Man dies while trying to hump a football
Caitlin Burgess & Evan Wilson tie the knot in secret wedding over the weekend
Ulster County Woman Arrested For Prostitution
Mermaid spotted in Lake Ft. Gibson
End of Cold War linked to Global Warming