Posts of the day 2017-07-18

Chris Bruner gets rest of wiener removed
Greeneville Tennessee Man Goes Outside, Gets Hot And Gives Up On The Day.
Like cats in the night
BREAKING NEWS midget killer was caught with bald man bikers head up her
Have you seen this frog?
Crime Spree at Stonewall Jackson
Bigfoot shot in hideaway hills
Shark Spotted In Tennessee River
Mayor Denies Existence of "Crime Fighting Monsters"
Little Boy's Face Freezes Like That
Disney to build new 'Alpine' resort in the Ozarks.
Football ????
Air drum lesson and workshop
Just Amazing!
Polk county sheriff Man wanted "Sidney raley"
Local retinal photographer snaps pic of patient's soul.
Thompson actually GLUED to her tablet
White House Holds 'Touch a Truck' Event Distract Trump From Failing Healthcare Bill
A Fishy Business voted 1 in Mesick.
Hillsvile pig can say 21 English wards
Drinking excessive amounts of BEER in your 50's and eating a lot of sausages in your 70's will help you live until you are 93!
Toy Loft Abandoned
Alli Phelps loves Charles Manson
Breaking News: Brian Wright to Depart Ohio PERS for Nationwide Financial
Child robber eludes Florida troopers.
Sun to Rise Tomorrow
Corpus Christi named best city for spring break
Breaking News: Praying Mantis is my deceased uncle.
Former Governor Bentley to lobby for Southern Heritage
Jeffery pitt wins Vermont state lottery
Mandeeps Business Cards Drown Coffee
Trump angered over health care bill threatens Senate Republicans with release of top secret UFO info
Greatest Employee Of All Time!
North Wilkesboro Speedway Abandoned
Matthew Niland
President Trump coming to Oklahoma
Donald Trump Jr. will run for mayor of Jasper.
Long lake township residresident in for a surprise .
COPEMISH,MI. Months long search continues.
250,000 Cash prize for 2 Human Dogs
Season 9 one tree hill scheduled to be filmed in petoskey, michigan
Death by pencil to the eye
Over the hill
Record Snipe caught in Woodstock Va
Michael Carlson Wanted in connection with Nationwide Douchebag Conspiracy.
Michale Carlson Wanted in connection with Nationwide Douchebag Conspiracy.
Local man attends OWN funeral
10 people found locked in a porta potty
Cat with four heads found
Bigfoot found dead in farmers field near Peterborough Ontario
One Dead and One Heart injuried in Callaway, Florida off Seneca Ave, Sheriff's Office Reports
The Undertaker actually dead this whole time!
Jim deptula
New Zealand Tourist to be Publicly Corrected in Freedonia
Wallingford Police arrest Woman
Midget woman looking for bald bikers to kill !
Hillsdale County - Bigfoot Update
Nickelback Coming to Northfield
Cadaoas Family wins MegaMillions!!
Dog Elected Mayor of Connecticut Town
Whoa! Gary Medley just received news that will change EVERYTHING! Do you still support him?
Fedoras aren't in style
Mayors Daughter Shows Peach at Tree House
The New York Jets to announce selling of Patriots jerseys and gear.
People spread rumors about Big Foot sighting
John F. Kennedy Has Come Back in a Spaceship with a Super New Diet!
Welland Teen Shot And Killed
Copemish's Most Eligible Bachelor
Local Warehouse Workers win 1 million from Powerball
Niagara Man seizes key Mosul sites from Isis
Blah blah blah
Making friends with that Monkey on your back
Rion Forbes the Marietta prodigy
North Korea invaded South
Carmenita Montgomery Arrested for Car Theft
Black Bear kills woman in NH
Local Lawyer Arrested
Season 8 of SHAMELESS to be filmed in Copemish,MI
Study: JAK's Place Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Has Healing Powers
Lake Bronson News
Demons leave Trump's Body
Scientist determine Senna family as descendants of Y-Chromosomal Adam
Local man packs in good job to become highly paid Russian Troll
Annual Purge
Say Goodbye To Tobacco For Good!
Sources Reveal President Trump Planning August River Rafting Vacation with Russia's Putin
Confirmed: Trump Had Major Stroke.
Trump Failed Kindergarten; Explains Rude Behavior
Trump ran for President because "Obama had made fun of him"
Clemson Tiger Fans Beat Squatter to Death for Using Tent as Shelter
Underground Rockabilly artist discovered on many modern recordings
Man Wanted By Police For Being Too Good Looking
Huge 40' Whale Spotted in Long Creek Behind First Landing State Park
SEGA to sue fanbase for "emotional damages"
Sega to start sueing fanbase for "emotional damages"
Fugitive caught at Mercy Hospital under terrorism watch
Newnan Ga ranked number 2 in Georgia when it comes to food stamps being sold and selling pussy
Asian sensation straight out of markham ontario
Man seeks love from kids
Age Old Question Answered
Motorist Escapes Car Fire
President Trump releases birth certificate and taxes
Mitch McConnell Proposes ER to Crematorium Bill
Charles Manson Released Due to Prison Overcrowding
Sasquatch Destroys Beer Museum
Man van tienen valt van dak.(s. c.)51
Fisherman has hard time defeating skunk
Mick Jagger quits The Rolling Stones for Led Zeppelin
Hunter Loyd Hired by FBI
Doris G. bleibt weiterhin Liegen
This property for quick sale buildings included
It's with a sad heart we say goodbye
Jamie Meier Retires; Waynewood Moms Hold Vigil
Cadillac man impregnates wife
Teen party hosts Umpa Lumpas
Jared Winter to be released on parole, to Equador Beach.
Stimmell House Up For Grabs
Strata Solar goes belly up in MS
Santa Rosa Man Attacked by Dwarf Riding a Bear
Creepy Clown terrorizing community
William Hill staying in Israel after downsizing and relocating to Dimona
Trouble in Morgantown
Missing girl from Orlando FL
Columbus Couple Win $172 Million Lottery Prize!
Dan Mairs is actually Daniella Mairs!
Radiohead to Cancel Israel Concert
John Ceccon and Charles go on Comedy tour
Slum Loards Exposed
Paul Gehrsitz Found Naked & Drunk On I-85
Planting flowers
Meir Deutsch have been elected as Israel new Prime Minister
William Hill to keep Tel Aviv office afterall
Pam and Steve Mulhearn decide to move back to NJ
Delaware man sharing gas is charged.
Man facing charges after killing then having sexual interactions with a dead horse
The first official Black KKK member has arrived and he's ready to get to work
Rabid donkey bites local teacher
Local native Sharice Brown gets lead role in a major motion movie.
Scott Shuler seen a Bigfoot
Eric Davis chosen to replace John Mayer on upcoming D&co tour.
Minnesota Vikings Picked To Win The NFC North!
Colorado law makers revise Marijuana legalization laws!
Mick Taylor found dead in Hendricks behind vending machine.
Instagram Contest Winners Win the Trip of a Lifetime
Released from prison
World Champion Alligator Westler comes out of retirement
The authors of posts of bullying or that advocate acts of terrorism or violate public order are subject to prosecution.
Spontaneous combustion consumes Poulsbo man.
Ellen Terhune Survives Alligator Attack on Grand Lake
Ellen Terhune Survives Alligator Attack on Grandlake
Maccaulay Culkin Dies at 95
Welland's first ever strip club
Mickey Hart vows never to play kalimba again: picks up cloggs instead.
Proof the Mahdi of Islam is currently alive and living in Canada
Sperm whale found in black creek weatherly PA
Naples Florida highest aids rate in nation
Fear mounts in the Capitol after successful assassination of Donald Trump/Mike Pence
Cleveland man wanted in foot ticking incidents
Larry Luper has decided to be a party pooper. Slash laughs his ass off.....
Use of AMEN now illegal.
Use of the word Amen now ileagal
Killer on loose. Targets UPS drivers
Manson Granted Parole, Will Relocate to Connecticut
Trump Resigns
Leakesville fisher woman wanted for shrimp murder
Mike Cox officially voted "Coolest Guy Ever."
Famous NBA star kyrie Irving is dead
Strasburg man deemed moron for believing fake news articles
Sharon whisked away by 2 black unicorns
Ric Johnson voted for Hillary Clinton!
Giant spiders invade Ottawa and are making their way to...
Toy Story 4
Fake news
Is wanted...
Strasbourg man deemed moron for believing fake news articles
When asked what he was doing, this was his terrifying response...
Rachel sd breaks the iternet
Giant cotton ball suffocated mother
Noblesville Girl ate by Shark
Michael Jordan visits Colonial Manor at Night
Texas man wins big
Jaquan Dawkins killed 12 people
Queens Man Opens Moscow Golf Resort
Rural Jeff Co town to open Krispy Kreme store along with Dollar General
Ronnie Malinosky to marry Charles Manson
Georgina Council Signs Declaration to twin with Islamabad Pakistan.
Anal Dwelling Spiders Invading the Fourstates
Indiana Packers fan gone berserk
Local boy come up from being pronounced dead and eats family
Orlando man heading to vegas again
Police Seize Meth Lab Inside the Vatican
Dana duped by article faked online
Bigfoot spotted in the woods of Warner New Hampshire.
Jeffrey Daumer still alive??????
Mr. Kerr Drummond recuperating well.....
Local London Kentucky Man Caught Peeing In Public Pools
Michele's aerolas are showing through her shirt. And you won't believe how big they are ...
Couple from Wichita Falls wins Lottery
Camryn's senior Pictures are beat
Wolf escapes from local zoo.
Boy eats ass for free in KFC on county street , says she'll scrape the shit off ya butthole
Bald men will receive major tax break in 2018
Meaning of life Revealed according to one scientist.
Local 1001 City Employee at CDOT Electrical Department under investigation.
Kansas Lottery in search of man believed to be homeless!
Carrie Bell is our 46th President!!
Meaning if life Revealed
Iain Swan arrested on Saturday night for whipping penis out and smashing windshields.
Lansdale Residents report Donald Trump is throwing dog shit at them out of car windows
25 Year Old Matt Harrigan Beats The Stock Market Earning Over a Million In Sales!
Daughter pushes mom over the edge
Native American claims Bigfoot's body
Tuscaloosa woman pregnant after having a hysterectomy
Mark Fyke comes back to life and returns to Belleville
Man wins Million Dollars from Dallas NC
Spiderman wanna be on the run
Sher Larmet Arrested for punching a Cop in the Face
Daughter's pushes mom over the edge
Isis to give up and join us in fight for peace
Bruno Mars, FGL, and Ed Sheeran to preform at White Plains KY for Solar Eclipse
David Emerson Has a moment of optimism
Woman wins world hot dog eating championship
Cowboys search for 2nd string Qb
Hacker In Clinton Campaign Hacks Revealed..Donald Trump!
Woman wanted for killing her husband
Woman wins world champion hot dog contest
Man accused of having oral contact with donkey
Texas Stores to Close
Squamish woman strikes it rich!
Gottlieb Clan Buys Charlies Creek, and all of Tate City.
Hamilton Man fooled by Prank Site
Local man admits he is Ed Sheeran
Bigfoot Spotted in Southern Michigan's Hillsdale County
Local man admits he is Ed Sheerab
Aric McDermott, Niagara's Sexiest Man.
Breaking news: Large tornado destroys children's memorial park
Cisco to begin Silicon Valley of the south in North West Pensacola
World's most charming and handsome list
Promoted to Plant Manager
Dylan Knox wanted in Maine
Brian Compton officially voted "Coolest Guy Ever."
Girl arrested for flashing cop!
Hillary admits treason.
Armor car flipped over in robins
Barbra Chisum arrested for Marijuana Growing Operation
Seattle Seahawks moving to Oakland
Hot weather alert !
Raccoons take child, Baldwin Michigan
Trump has been impeached
Walmart closing Roanoke Rapids NC location and move to Darlington NC
Enzo Gall free on bail.
QC man finally admits he didn't take this picture
Husband Gets Jealous of Wife's friends.
David Moss is wanted for draining Pinellas County Fl of Bud light Draft
Two Members of Mexico Politico group taken by Mueller agents
Couple wins return trip for group of 29
Raccoons take child Baldwin Michigan
Local man claims to no longer read BreakingNews365
Prettiest Girl In The World Caught Lounging Watching Law And Order
Local woman claims to no longer read BreakingNews365
St. Catharines Women "Grandmother" arrested
Beer Trees Discovered All Around Twin Knobs Campground
Mike Beattie Leaves Van Halen 24 Hours After Replacing Eddie, Claims David Lee Roth Impossible to Work With
Wal-Mart Declares Bankruptcy; All Southeast Stores Closing Fall 2017
Collins Out, Hodges Remains In
Dan Lavine Is easily fooled by fake news
AM 980 NEWS UPDATE: Deadly virus scare 40+ people possibly infected with HIV
Aliens attack mobile Alabama
R. Kelly Rises Out of Glory Hole in Warwick, New York
Zack on a bender
Bigfoot spotted by aliens, reported by the Loch Ness Monster
People are believing the Charles Manson fake news posting
Giant Squid Washes Ashore on Lake Michigan
Northern California family hit elusive Sasquatch
Cute puppy eats bunny
Brian Compton voted officially "Coolest Guy Ever!"
Mary Simpson Won The Big Jackpot