Posts of the day 2018-04-03

TaTa Fighting Story
Ja’Aisia Leste is a fake mf
Got hit
Student that attends Dougherty high school was murdered today while walking home from school
Boy caught with a gun , money , and drugs at school
Killed at dunkin donuts
My best friend was young
Madeline young missing
Gary school erupted in violence
Im Single
Teenage Girl locked up today
Princeton High School Student Shot On The Way home
In jail for a Life sentence 20 years plus
Obama’s has died!
Very shocking
Angela green
Shooting in Chicago
A girl find out Curtis laster was catfish
Girl shot in the leg over boy
Man arrested in San Antonio
Roly knocked out after taking dick
Arianna arrested for eating her boogers
Nintendo Switch to be discontinued by next year
Missourian man goes on shooting rampage after being told “taxation is not theft”
Weed now legalized In Lancaster PA
Panic at the disco tickets, CANCELLED!
Young boy gets killed
Jalea Dozier Arrested For Burning Down The Trump Tower
Local Highschooler gets jumped by midgets
Girl gets to happy when her bestfriend finally texts ger
Rest In Peace lindsay ????????
Trump resigns from Office
Famous Actor Jim Carry Passes Away
A man was shot
Girl help a old lady cross the street
All Tulsa public schools are open Wednesday, April 4
Boy Laces blunts to get females going
Akeira Williams
Fatal Shooting Of Darron Lamar McGee
11 month Elijah is missing
Help find Calvin
Lawrence looses all his hoes in one day!
Cam has passed
Kalamazoo Central has burned down over spring break
Broke my arm got pushed off the tree
Johnny Osby Dies In Attempt To Save An Old Women
Michael Benson slapping dead beat dads 4 free
Boy walking across a street on a red light get struck by a speeding van
Tasia Hammond’s shot and killed.
He is alive
Ashanti Aurrichio and girlfriend run away
Justin Brown found dead
Dawane the rock Jhonson has passed away
Alpine Teen arrested for act of Domestic Violence
Poplar Bluff Junior High School is closed Wednesday March 4, 2018
Gun Laws
Maurice Fullins Killed,Over his girlfriend
Toledo dancer @Thatboii_tae123 aka taevion hester becomes viral
Girl Died after walking Home From School..Some day Her name Was Cheyenne
Why she do it
A Young Teen Age Girl, Tamara Has Been Shoot and Dead
Omarion Was Find Died On His away To School This Morning
Philip jones
18 year old boy of Kankakee runs away to hospital for help
Kyle DeMoura (age 16) Wanted
Did Candice Patton let a spoiler slip?
Man pushes car of bridge with 4 kids in it
Temporary medical marijuana license
19 Year Old Female Rapper gets signed By Dr. Dre
23 year old woman arrested after shooting up A house in the suburb
Dude arrested for calling somebody Ranch
Pro event
Gun confiscation signed into law