Posts of the day 2018-04-04

The Name "John" Is a Common Name For Gays!
Jacquez Payne arrested for grand theft auto
George Salami signed a 3 month $50 million deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers
Tahja Winston
Local man groped
RIP La’Neer Iverson Surles????????.
Local female killed in a hit and run "accident"
13yr Old Shoot 8 Times In The Neck
Espiridion morales will soon be the “king drummer of Kentucky”
Miami Redshirt Freshman QB N’Kosi Perry to Transfer
Poo dilemma
I committed sucide
12, Janiyah Mackey Shot Late Tuesday evening in Dothan,Alabama
Questioning of the Murder of these two teens.
A girl was arrested
Zombies are loose!
Body found near lake George
Anthony Berry booked in double muder case
Break to last 1 more week
Don't buy the Galaxy S9+. It's having Battery issues like the Note 7.
Don't buy the Galaxy S9+. It's having Battery issues like thr Note 7.
Sonny and 2 victims
Caught a Bonner
Girl Snatched And Raped on her way to school
Kis goes to jail for blowing bubbles in the park
15 year-old died by kennedy middle school
Me dying
Shot and killed
21 year old caught eating pizza overnight at local Dominos.
Jaritza dies of a heart attack
Teen Sentenced To 27 Years
NYPD: 16-year-old shot after fight near Pink Houses in East New York
Man raoes girl in public and kills witness
Jezzria is in the hospital
Corey Berry
Ass smuggler
Jala bestfriend Amina said that she isn’t going to JFK anymore
Milwaukee man arrested for muder
Her boyfriend cheated
Sale on racing tires
Whats the reason gus gets no girls
Bitches are starting to become the “shit”
Two men are burning
Young Woman Kidnapped Earlier Today
Teen Arrested For Ditching School To Push Elderly People Down Public Stairs
Gay Teen "Kaniya Jones" dies of Std
Young Man is wanted for sexual battery
Shatora Husband was killed by a car police are now looking for suspect
No School Tomorrow kids have fun
Jay z found dead in hotel room at age 48
Alizah smith at age 21 has died in a fatal car accident
Boy was killed walking home
Anastasia Phillips
Dangerous Report Siting
Girl found dead
Teen father died in accident on 465
Kid Gets Arrested And Could Be Sentenced To Life.
Missing Persons Alert!
Walmart robbery in Frankfort IN
The killer
Rayquan killed him self
Destiny brown kills boyfriend for cheating
Girl pregnant at 15
My cuzin killed her self.
Kumkum Bhagya ending April 24
Kid dead after falling on a dick in the Bronx
Girl look to good to be single ????????
Guy rapes his neighbor
Local Gigolo Damien Aka Dame Dot Went From Zero Hoes To Many Bitches
Local Gigolo Damien Aka Dame Dot Went From Zero Hoes To To Many Bitches
Kayla Napier stepped in a puddle
Kayla Napier shot at Tri-county mall
Young male shot in west Toledo
Girl found in bedroom closet After school dead
Car crash
Xxxtentacion dating 14 girl
Rapper Youngboy Never Broke Agian shot
Fornite Getting Sued!!
A guy got run over by a train in New york