Santa Claus Abandons Christmas

Friday 30 October 97537 Shares

Santa Claus Abandons Christmas

Due to the spread of Coronavirus Santa Claus has been forced to abandon Christmas. He told our reporter that due to social-distancing and rules around lock-down, he would not be able to deliver presents as usual.

"It's caused so many problems for the elves," he told our reporter, "We just can't produce toys for the girls and boys like we have in previous years."

Production at his North Pole toy factory has ground to a halt and he has had to put the elves on furlough. Santa is worried that some might even lose their jobs.

"In some countries they have these restrictions about letting different families into houses", he sighed. "This will mean I can't enter houses like I used to and leave presents for the children. In fact, as I visit so many houses each Christmas, I could be spreading the disease and I just can't put the children at any risk."

"I'm so sorry for all the children who will not receive a Christmas present from me this year." He said as he wiped a tear from his eye. "It's just out of my hands but I want them to all stay safe and be well."

"Hopefully we will be able to deliver presents next year for all the good girls and boys but I am afraid this year, Christmas won't happen at the North Pole."