AMR Las Vegas to Cease 911 Operations After Compliance Issues Increase

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

Wednesday 18 May 2059 61764 Shares

AMR Regional Director Scott White announced late this afternoon, that effective August 1st the long standing relationship with the Clark County 911 system will come to an end. White said that tensions between the Clark County Fire Department and AMR had finally come to a head when the Fire Department requested a termination of contracts due to poor compliance and dozens of calls where AMR missed compliance.

"It's important that, if a city decides to use a private ambulance company, that company needs to operate within the terms of their contract as well as provide the best patient care possible," a source from within the Fire Department said.

White stated that staffing levels inside the company had gradually been falling as local fire departments start new academies. White said, "We just can't seem to keep up with the levels of calls."

The city has recently seen a two-hundred-fifty percent increase in call volume since this time last year. White reported that AMR and its sister company Medic West Ambulance won't be leaving completely. The company will be concentrating on non-emergent, inter-facility transports.

White commented that despite his best efforts AMR is unable to keep a sufficient amount of Paramedics on staff. "There is a nation wide shortage of medics. We just don't pay as well as fire departments do. A large wage gap makes it nearly impossible to retain employees."

White went on to say that the ambulances retained will be mostly vans and will be staffed by entry-level EMTs and there will be four paramedics in suvs, that will respond to calls that require a higher level of care. "Its a bitter sweet moment to lose the 911 system, but it will allow us to focus on IFTs. To be completely honest, That will really help us minimize staffing costs while maximizing profits." White closed by thanking the community for allowing AMR to care for those in need.

Clark County Fire declined to comment at this time and stated once they have all the logistics in place, they would hold a conference of their own. AMR and Medic West have been the majority 911 provider in Las Vegas for over two decades.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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