Isle of Palms Marina leases finalized

Sunday 01 August 2059 76333 Shares

Isle of Palms Marina leases finalized

Isle of Palms Mayor Jimmy Carroll announced that the long-awaited lease renewals of the properties previously occupied by Morgan Creek Grill and Tidal Wave Sports have been completed. “We are very excited to have signed agreements that will last decades. We can’t share any of the details, but I promise you are going to love it. Residents will find out when it happens, and the next Mayor can address any concerns they have at that time.” Carroll stated.

Councilman Jimmy Ward seemed very passionate about this issue in the Skype interview we conducted with him. Unfortunately, his mic was on mute the entire time so we were unable to get his thoughts.

Councilman Randy Bell believes citizen’s will be pleased. “People should very be happy with what I created, if they aren’t, they are a bunch of morons” Bell declared.

We reached out to Councilman Pounds concerning the handling of public comments. “A small group of us get together and decide which of the public comments need to be heard in the best interest of citizens. Those we select are the ones read. We always throw in a few to keep the morons happy.” Pounds said with a chuckle.

Councilman Moye said this was a very easy decision for him. “I have learned it is best to do whatever Randy Bell tells me to. My term on council is almost over and I don’t want to end it having my ass whipped in the marina parking lot.”

We will provide updates as they happen.

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