BREAKING NEWS! Oakville Woman's Epicurious Dinnertainment Award a HOAX

Monday 14 June 2059 39176 Shares

BREAKING NEWS!  Oakville Woman's Epicurious Dinnertainment Award a HOAX

Breaking News has discovered that the Prestigious DInnertainment Award from Epicurious awarded to longtime Oakville resident, Lyanne O'Leary, is, in fact, a hoax.

When contacted, Epicurious and W Network executives had no knowledge of Mrs. O'Leary, nor the so called Dinnertainment Award. "No such award exists and any claims by Lyanne O'Leary are entirely false and without merit.", said Epicurious Editor In Chief Marsala Langoustine. "Should further misrepresentations continue to be put forth as fact by Mrs. O'Leary, Epicurious will not hesitate to bring liable litigation charges against this person."

Agreeing to be interviewed, O'Leary, 52, of Oakville, Ontario Canada said " I greatly regret the deception I have caused by falsifying claims that I won such a prestigious award, and it is my hope that I can put this all behind me and carry on with my life. I will continue to throw the very best cocktail, dinner and backyard parties, and hope that all who have enjoyed them will continue to do so for years to come."

When pressed by Breaking News as to why she felt compelled to fabricate such a story, she replied, " I have just been so taken by all of the great President Donald Trumps's 'fake news" that I wanted so very much to have my very own piece of fake news history."


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