Posts of the day 2017-10-31

Bergdahl States " I deserted my post because Marines were after me, what person in theri right mind would wait around"
Searching for Snow Hill Women
Apple Shutting Down !!!
Breaking news: Tullahoma residents be warned
Residents beware! Halloween Killer at large
Balch Springs resident reports a Murder
Nick Saban To Be Named New UF Head Coach
F.B.I Wanted List
Boy found dead in school
Wanted : for being the ugliest fucc in Fayette county
19 Year Old Shot Near Fordham Road
John calipari under fire
John calliparri fired
Money Moss Talks crap about ReemyDaKid
Trump Impeached
University of Florida announced Jimbo Fisher new head coach
Saban announced today leaving Bama for The University of Florida
Castlemilk High School
David Watts to be named head of new State Department
GT fires Paul Johnson
Underage tobacco charge
Jerez se convierte en pais. pepe pasteles dictador
Man Caught Getting Ghost Fucked
Tyy Dragg
Werewolf Behind Deaths in Scottsboro
Donald Trump's died
Schrute Farms to close its doors
Local man shot my sons mother
Parris Johnson
Colin Kaepernick to back up Tom Brady
Drew traded, breezes his way out of town.
Continued investigations
Gender Inequality at Lompoc High School
Amazing magician
Arkansas Native arrested For 3 counts of Murder and Armed robbery felon in possession of firearm by certain person
Hit the jackpot
The Buick Grand National, "The BBC of The 80's"
Ohio woman arrested for having warrants in all 88counties!
Sir Blakemore signs to Def Jam
South Chicago woman stealing iPhones
Man just killed the dog
Rip christie
Kevin ferguson
Butch Jones Leaves UT Immediately to sign with Florida
Baton Rouge Minister Caught Stealing Communion Crackers from Church Kitchen
Two teens arrested for murder
Hector Hernandez a.k. hothead
Family gone wild
Mans Testicles Explode After Materbating For 3 Weeks Straight!!
Stripper Santa strikes again
America's Most Wanted
Butch Jones to become new Florida Head Coach
School boy died
She Passed
Shot two people
Jeremy Primo arrested for having a little mexican hostage
Sheriff busted for rape
Lex Kindred hits the lottery!
Women caught dick dyking
Fat elephant found dead in tree
Breaking: Doug Nussmeier to Knoxville
Fastest All Motor Pontiac G8 goes 9s at the 1/4
GSS WUSE ranked best school in Africa by U.S. news report
Don’t you dare move
Coatbridge pervert caught
English boy strikes again
Memphis man arrested with over 10 lbs of marijuana in trunk of suv
Palm Bay Ford Employee Arrested
New Beer Craze: Tiger Blood and Children's Tears!
Courtney Bush Wanted By Police After Robbery At An Local Off-licence
Purge and treat
Guy raped inside proviso east swimming pool
Rapper Young M.A. Arrested
Aguero Conflict
Gucci Mane sings Julito Guwop
Peter Pump explodes Jimmy Leroy loses eye
Women Wanted For Streaking
Speeding/ Posses Up To 1/2 Ounce Or More, Indecent Conduct
Attempted murder Glasgow
McDonalds worker caught jacking off in store bathroom
Kelly arrested for arguement with council
Cumming out the closet!
Ex Basketball star hospitalized
Kelly shoplifting
Warrant out for immediate pickup of Hunter L Brown
Nick Sabin signs with Florida
Woman wins $45,000,000 in lottery
Sex Offender
Woman Goes To Jail For battery
Kingsten henry
Local QC man caught with 35 pounds of chronic on carry-on
Lydia salkeld Signs a 5 year deal with Manchester United
Kreps car audio is passing out 100.00 bills
Tennessee Vols give Butch Jones a 10 year extention
Seahawk Russell Wilson traded to Raiders!
Corey Eddins signs with big record label.
Lane Kiffin to replace Ed Orgeron for head coach at LSU
Wanted for Questioning
Dearborn Schools Closing end of December
Georgia Bulldogs to Suspend Kirby Smart
Lane Kiffin yo replaces Ed Orgeron for head coach at LSU
Gone too soon
R.I.p Joseph Taylor
Emily scholes
22 Year Old Shot On The SouthSide Of Chicago
"Not one concerns was Giving" today
"Garry FITZPATRICK needs your help"
Isis Atacking United States now in New York
World's smallest penis
10.5 Billion Dollars awarded to Ann Hart resident of Honolulu Hawaii.
Young Woman Wanted For Robbery Of Elderely women On the 7900 block of Escanaba
World Greediest Man
Teen girl shot and killed after some girl drama
Gary King Hunter arrested for murder
Women kills ex over side bitch
Gary King Hunter arrested for the murder
I won ????
Woman caught her husband in bed with a man and threw hot water on them both and cut off their genitals and gave them to each other
Pussy ass boy
Woman caught stealing out liquor store
Rapper Lucky Murdaday
Burkburnett Great Grandmother Strikes It Big
Weed legal in Missouri
Isaiah was hit by a car
True man love shines through!!!! Jimmy says show your love in public. Man up -like me ya'll
Teen arrested in Westphilly
Breaking news in west philly Teen has been arrested
Sturgeon Bay teen charged in westphiladelphia drug case
Girl eats cough drop for nutrition
Legendary DJ smacks Program Director in police custody
Jess lies to her Daddy!!!!
Global Warming Fake News???
Global Warming Fale News???
"Mbk Twins" Shoots EX-Girl 60 Times
Doreen is a Lil bush- pukes everywhere at OU. Oklahoma says stay in Keller pukey!!!
Theft of property
GameStop Exec (Bob Puzon)
Dayton crip gangmember caught dressing up
19 year old shot and killed in home
Mari Abreu - My Story
Mari Abreu
D.C.’s number DJ arrested for slapping program directors
Jimmy gets Big Willie weiner Pump
Helping Mikeliah get chicken nuggets
Gators to End Football Team
Harlem Rapper/Designer "YD Hendrix" Signs $100M Deal With Adidas
Drinking in Driving
Local teen slaps old lady for saying his music is bad
Cameron u done fucked up
Instagram lesbian couple @official.desss and @yobihfavorite arrested for fucking on their ex’s bed and posting it !?
Scott ate all the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and closed them down...
Free ride to be stopped
Righetti Teen Shot After Trying To Start A “Free Kyler” Movement
Limestone College Student Jermaine Gullette has a warrant out for his arrest. If you have any information on him contact your nearest police department!
Jesus Salgado set up to be the new rising porn star in the porn industry
Young Man Goes Missing After Getting 2 Meets In 1 Night
Future High School Graduate Gets Caught Up With Fraud
Douglas A. Garceau & Shanna G. Valgos
Anoka County now HIV positive!!
Future High School Graduate Gets Caught Up With Fraud
Man Wanted In Connection to Triple Homicide
Joseph Davis football player or fag
Samuel Boone wanted
Nottoway High subject to closing 10/31/17
17-year old caught with marijuana on Facebook
Josef toth dead
Found dead
18 year old teen found after missing for nearly 17 years.
Man find 3 bads full of money
CT woman smacks people that believe these fake stories
Big Ole Juicy Booty
Handsome man slips into a coma after declining to say “I love you back to girlfriend.”
Latoria Lewis And Her Ex
Valpo Teen Arrested For Doing The Milly Rock
Damn the BITCH crazy
NCAA investigating Nick Saban and the University of Alabama
Stephany in jail
Woman charged with having a naturally big buttocks!!!
Taylor man caught humping dead deer.
New law prevents retired police officers from VA to relocate to Other states
Long Johns Silver Restaurant coming soon to New Cumberland.
West Monroe Resident Wins Powerball
Calfresh fraud
Chillicothe Man Wanted For Indecent Exposure
Someone fucked in the ass with a toothbrush
Shawn farr is wanted for get money
Boy was caught pulling bitches
Nasarah qasim's 2.3 million dollar settlement from popular restaurant
Florida gators new coach named!
Shocking news Found dead
Found dead
Whats up with the iphones?
Farting in public
John ward
Girl aged just 16 killed wae a clown in sleep
Men founded dead behind Douglass High School
Boy found in alley playing minecraft
Tierra Breathe Across Southern California????
Matthew roscoe might need a new truck
Ulta is going out of business
Pretty Girl
University of Tennessee Trustees announce that they have sold the Tennessee Vols to Jimmy Haslam
Fort Hood MP named local hero
Missy Elliot is MISSING and we think she's in Florida
Caught Stealing a Hot Sausage out of BP Gas Station
Man Gets arrested for Wreckless Twerking in front of Sunny Spot
A little girl got kidnapped
Welcoming Urban back to the Gator nation!!!
Makes turn to account of the Ivy as a blueprint blueprint
Breaking: Florida reaches agreement with Lane Kiffin
Warrant for shooting
Chuck Williams Named Bachelor and Hunk of the Year
Sibling Rivalry: O’ Gowlman V O’ Gorgeous
Conspiracy for eating Ass
MarDeesha Stokes 2nd In the State of Maryland for Long Jump 2012!
Fired on my day off!!!
A women was shot 3 times on Montana Ave
Beating the pussy up