Posts of the day 2017-10-28

How to tell if someone is lying
Reckless homicide Teen Shot and killed in Gary Indiana
Trezevant girls caught
James Wise Arrested for a hit and run that left Two people dead
Missing East Chicago Teen
Gary Teen Hospitalized
Wind Creek Casino to open new location in Trickem Valley, Alabama
Irene Roberts Finally Turning In The Tapes Of The Kaneeka Incident Watch Now!!
Man wanted for stealing panty hoes
Breakin News Young Man Get Caught eatin ass
Locked up for being ugly
Gin make u sin
Get caught eating ass
Zeke photo leak
Belfast to be targeted by ISIS
Jaila Knox sexually assaulted
Beth Nance eaten by that fake alligator at Bridgewater
Largest Human Bowel Movement Recorded
Student murded from churchland high school
Teen Locked Up for Having No Breast .
Shooting In Sw Little Rock
Teen locked up for bounging a female
Mystery 10 million lottery winner identified.
Man found wandering after Cherrystem Trick
Hoosier park racing and casino to be shut down
St. Louis woman wanted for attempting to sale A human penis online
Bigfoot spotted in Lagrnge Ga.
Omar Almintoser was arrested for a high speed chase in the state of Arkansas
Rappers Don Ace Is Making Noise With His Upcoming Single 45
Justin bierber becomes a woman
Booski snaps and kills all fuck boi's
Family slaughter and left with head detached from body
Local Casino Story Has David Atkisson Losing His S**T!
Woman in Rehab hits 2.5 Million dollar Jackpot
Wind Creek Casino Story Has David Atkisson Losing His S**T!
Suspect on the run
Macon man arrested for having sex with zoo animals
Stolen kids
Student Torture!
Lewisville ar tekiya Moore found dead at the back of dollar general
Man found dismembered by girlfriend
Gainesville woman wanted for Robbing local Wells Fargo
Do you know these two men? Hicksville police are offering rewards for any information you can report un the suspects from last night's vandalism of the Hicksville water tower. See story below for detaols.
HoodboyTate Signs a 3.5 Million dollar contract For Def Jam Records
Jelissa leach had a heartattack
Kill Shay farmer from park st.
Woman arrested in Morgantown
Donald trump needs a makeover, ASAP
Kill Shay farmer from park at
19 year old mother kills baby father
Gus Malzahn to Arkansas
Lincoln Teen Found Dead
Kill Shay from park at
ALERT incoming news about the navy exchange for military family’s
Auburn AD Jay Jacobs steps down
Trump needs a makeover, ASAP
A woman in Morgantown was arrested
Tamar Braxton's Love affair Exposed
Gucci mane back in jail
2pac Is not dead He is in quba
Where the most loyal niggas at
Wanted for running a prostitution ring in the west side of Columbus
Donald Trump Gay with Russian Government official?
Women in Gardner wanted for Shooting
Severe snow storm watch
Atlanta artist @FLEETWOOD signs MILLION DOLLAR recording contract with DEF JAM
Justyce Bigwood Wantes For Shooting In Broad Daylight
Newark Woman Charged with Possession of Heroin
Lee's Summit woman gives birth to 12!
Cody E. Miles Sr. Hits lottery for 2 million
Mazada's sales associates scamming people with key fobs.
Engineering sting, catches many GM engineers.
Only In Surry County
Donald trump has just been impeached from office
Man caught enjoying a strange sexual fetish at a UK McDonalds
Beware of the games on Facebook
1 girl and 2 boys got an accident
Teraisha has went to jail for finding out nate has had sex with another female
Wanted venango County woman
Pork Chop Means “Bone In”
Kynndra Bradley kidnapped at red light
Lil Wayne dies
Man faces charges for Streaking through Town of Nunda
Girl gets dicked down in Walgreens
Lamont facing 25to life
Turtle Homicide on Gun Hill
Wisconsin woman hits lottery!
Eating Roaches Lowers Your Chances Of Catching Cancer
She kilt her own son
Cameren Parker Wanted For The Death Of Tabitha Tolliver
Greensboro FEMALE A STUD
Janine Harris 29, suspect at large for Saturday morning bank robbery.
37 year old woman jailed for hit and run on chili avenue
37 year old jailed for hit and run on chili avenue
Dead teen
Free foodstamps
Money Laundering- Possession
Ohio is cancelling trick-or-treating
Baddest Gang in America ?
Who is TwelveeAM? Did JAY Z just put us onto the next big musical artist?
Car accident
Breaking news*
Local bronx teen was fatally hit by a car
Shot in the head on willow street
Teeens shot to death
Shit in the head on willow street
Birmingham Residents Fall For Prank
Iam a millionaire
CMG ..Records Give out Deal 2 GGI Bandz
Macomb County teen wanted for 3 charges of Armed Robbery, Larceny, and Theft
Brand new truck
Major police take down in mount vernon
Saint Louis Men Wanted For Setting A Bomb!!
Athens man missing
Stay alert this woman stealing little kids
Jasmine Marie Gonzalez
Dumb hoes
Colin Tedford Tells The Truth For once
Raped a 2 mouth old baby
Man hung up and lost
America's most wanted
America most wanted
Crawford University hires new Basketball Coach
Massillon man caught eating his boogers while in route to parade
Man wanted for sexual abuse with pigs
A 25 year old man won $2 million
Man won $2millon
Local man arrested for having sexual relations in bar bathroom.
Delicious school lunch in Corpus Christi High Schools
Oklahoma Man Convicted Of Eating own Sperm
Local Man Breaks Record For Smallest Dick
Women beat's man for cheating at Mobay's restaurant and gets arrested!
Pittsburgh Steelers coming to Oxford
Women beat's man for cheating at Mobay's restaurant
NBA Young Boy Found Dead In LA
Girl gets ran over
19 year old kills himself
Bubba Culpepper Buys the Fair-Latest Developments
Climate Change Scientists Confirm Earth Is Flat
Bobbie Clancy Has Been In A Bad Accident
Bobbie Clancy Has Been In A NAD Accident
Man rapes homeless man for pocket change.
Bobbie Has Got Into Bad Accident
One eyed prostitute?!?!
Christmas no longer a holiday in Georgia
Big Boss
Drive buy shooting at millville Walmart
Grace Kreager wanted
Bubba Culpepper Buys Alabama National Fair
2 kids steal daily
Hampton man wins $1 million in VA. Lottery game
Catholic Family Stealing
Mom is caught having sexually relation with the next door neighbor frog
Man Exposes family To Natural Gas
Kennedy Knights Are Ready To Fight This Season !
Bruceton Mills man gets caught pleasuring himself in public
Excessive speeds. Lockport, Ny
My mom
Eminem for president
Caitlyn meikle jumped by Glenrothes youngteam on Friday night.
Starbucks Closing Down Due to People Coming in with Other Food from Other Places
Marijuana FINALLY legalized in North Carolina
Northern alumni
Rappers from montgomery,Al blow-up on youtubr
Man charged for slapping little boys with his penis at an elementary school park.
Amanda Taite
Former Detroiter starts her own online Male Escort service
D.C. man charged with murder after fatal shooting on Anacostia Riverwalk Trail
White house
Murder And Two Counts Of Arm Robbery
Murder change
Ran away found wit friends smoking weed
Women get killed by roaches.
Thomson middle schooler teacher gets caught in roof of girs restroom
Home Depot associates huffing paint
Apple bees
Cat assaults little boy
Dairy Queen to open in Prince Rupert
Man arrested for trying to be batman
Detroit ruff child’s rapper wanted for assault
Criminal female assaults Hispanic teen
Donald Trump dead
Anti-Government Extremist Arrested for Brandishing an Assault Pistol in Burley, Idaho
Detroit west side kianna johnson cuts of ex boyfriend penis
Chain of Memories considered best title in the Kingdom Hearts series.
Chain of Memories considered best Kingdom of Hearts
R.I P Chase muchler and Alyssa muchler
Aalissa Correa found dead.
Jacob Nelson a Student at clay chalkville high school is awarded most outstanding student
Mary watson
Jeffrey Dean Morgan caught kissing Kelly Lopez
18 Year Old Gunned Down AT Gaz bah Farrow Rd
17yr old rapper is relative of Pablo Escobar
Be On The Lookout
Park Crossing High assistant principal Jake Jackson Fired for getting his ass whooped by multiple students
Coke zero sugar to be discontinued
Woman admits to having sex with numerous amounts of men in the Shreveport area after being diagnosed with hiv
Tarantino’s Italian grill
Breaking News
Samantha Gardner Arrested for Murder
Immigration Alerts
Cardi B was found dead
Altoona man deceased in car accident
Dangerous man wanted for police chase
Wing stop robbery..
Paterson Teens Under Investigation
Trump sexually harass little girl
A lost pocket in school
28 year old thug Wanted for robbing a pet store of Kitty Litter
Anti-Government Extremist Arrested for Brandishing an Assault Pistol in Grants Pass, Oregon.
Prostitution ring busted in Reading,Ohio
Daryl to leave The Walking Dead after season 8
Etowah County Man Wanted
Two more presto county men caught having sex with farm animals
Caught my sister eating ass
Local Fatty "Christian Dominguez"on a rampage
Trump dead
Lil Yachty dead
Macy’s stores to close in 2018
Illegal immigrants
Shanna Daniels won the lottery 150,000
48 year old Steve wanted
Shock for Local Tony Brown on Queens Honours List
Cincinnati, Ohio woman Jacklyn Lachman was named the lucky ticket holder of the Megamillions Jackpot totalling a whopping 216 million ddollars today. See the interview below for more details!
Getting married
Drone strikes low flying plane in Quad Cities
Houston police looking for this man
Northside niggas
Texas rangers looking for this man
By popular demand Sterling Begay will be running for President
Lai Reed kills her bestfriend for not texting back
Police are looking for this man here
Midget Strippers Go On Strike For Smaller Poles To Dance On.
Man arrested for sex with his goat Palm Bay Florida
Is this kid really a music icon????
Guy caught havin a Mandingo party in party city
Green Forest woman arrested for Beastiality
Second Season of Death Note Confirmed
Local Harrisburg Singer to Record a song with Hip-Hop Artist Cardi B
Teen shot
Big Foot spotted in the Great Dismal Swamp
Brunswick Fair Opens Back up
Attempted murder
Car wreck
Westlake man arrested for Beastiality
Theft of property
Attention Burke County teachers are letting students have sex with them
Bird Dropping on Targets
Student from sci-tech found dead
Mexico agrees to pay for Border Wall
Well known rapper tay k found dead
Hamilton County Justice Center burns down
Boyfriend caught cheating doing Uber
Man caught taking shit on top on bananas!!
Western MD has an unlikely cure?
Dylan was charged with being white
Man at large
Dphs NC Student was caught Ejaculating to A Girl In The Girls Restroom
Local mom arrested for assaulting restaurant employee
Cleveland man arrested afther slapping the drive threw worker at popeyes because she forgot his biscuits
Alligators spotted in Bridgewater Falls pond.
Jiffy is Finally Being Taken Off the Market
Breaking news marcell kiad from sjhs reportedly used meth
Man caught slapping a deer to South Africa
Donald Trump sold to Russia
Reports say that Kylie Jenner boyfriend isn’t actually Travis Scott it’s superstar Kevin Recinos
Reports say that Eduarrdten a girl pregnant
Rock Island teen wanted for possesion of firearm
Cincinnati Bengals SOLD to Donald Trump
Girl Aged Only 16 Dies After Choking On Cock
Reports say that Eduarrdo Ortez has gotten a girl pregnant
Feds Bust Major St. Louis Marijuana Network; 24 People (with Intriguing Aliases) Indicted