Police officer falls off bike after chasing peadophile

Friday 30 October 37844 Shares

Police officer falls off bike after chasing peadophile

Police Officer John Graebles rushed after a 43 year old man on a moped with a young girl on the back of it at a dashing 21mph. The emergency response unit failed to catch up with him due to his routes and skillful driving. Police officer John reports:
"Yeah I was on me police rated bike after having a nice breakfast which included bacon, bacon, pork and bacon." He added "Was really nice but then we heard word on a radio a child had been on abducted. Unfortunately there were also some teenagers smoking cannabis in Whitby park so we obviously needed to sort our prioties."
John also added
"Currently two children are on bail with the suspicion of possessing Cannibis."

Police helicoptors armed with high quality recording hardware and 'Fraps' added
"Yeah it was really intense, a moped flew by a few teenagers smoking pot. This is completely unacceptable and action WILL be taken."

John is currently in hospital after falling off his bike with a severe grazed knee. More information on this case will be informed in another date.