Noen And Kailyn??

Thursday 17 June 2059 33973 Shares

Noen And Kailyn??

As we stated in a previous article, Kailyn Staton and Noen Eubanks are rumored to be together. In 2021 Abby Roberts and Noen Eubanks told the public they were no longer together.

After That happened we saw Kailyn appear in more and more of Noens videos! In the back of Nessa Barrett’s video you can see Noen pull Staton onto his chest. As the girl giggles you can faintly see him grab her buttox and kiss her! Nessa ended up cropping them out of the video once fans noticed!

They have been caught holding hands multiple times , and cuddling in back of videos! Kailyn has announced in a few videos that she is in a relationship! Her Bio on her Second account has “My Boy”
this was leaked by someone on the inside!
More next time!

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