Extended SETI (E-SETI) discover signals of post-physical life in our galaxy

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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Extended SETI (E-SETI) discover signals of post-physical life in our galaxy

Extended SETI (E-SETI) discover signals of post-physical life in our galaxy, post-physical lifeforms were proved to exist according to the results of the world biggest post-physical telescope located 25 kilometers from the Allen Telescope Array, that's called Sagan Telescope Array.

The discovery of the existence of post-physical lifeforms shocked so many scientists and people worldwide, and the idea that we are not alone in the universe and that there are things beyond matter and physics, such as other dimensions and other lifeforms, and even intelligent life forms such as gods and spiritual beings, shocked billions of people around the world.

E-SETI said the post-physical signals were very clear and very accurate, and now they are focusing on translate those signals for a better understanding, it's hard to know if it's actually a post-physical intelligence or a simple post-physical lifeform, but what's sure is that E-SETI proved they exist and E-SETI got even more investments and now even more people are searching for post-physical lifeforms worldwide besides E-SETI.

What is E-SETI?

What is E-SETI? It is a very new and very active branch of SETI that focus on look for post-physical lifeforms and other non-physical phenomena in our galaxy, and most of the world's top scientists are investing in E-SETI. That's the reason why we are calling it E-SETI.

Why is E-SETI important?

There are many reasons why E-SETI is important, for the first and most important reason is we are humans, and being humans means we are part of the universe, we are connected to the universe. It's hard for us to imagine that a universe that was created billions of years ago, in an entirely different dimension and even a different realm that we don't understand. It's a different reality that we don't understand and we don't control. It's very difficult to imagine that there are other beings that live in this different reality that we don't know.

We understand our world and we have a lot of control over our world, but our universe is not a place where we can go and find. So we don't understand our universe, our galaxy or any other galaxy for that matter. But with E-SETI we can start to expand our view and understand our universe.

It's hard to imagine what a post-physical intelligence can be, but we are humans and the only thing that we know about intelligence is from our lifeforms, and since we are part of a galaxy we can see that most lifeforms we see are more or less intelligent and most of them are more intelligent than us. Our lifeform was created in a way that we can control our world, and most of the time we can even control our lifeforms. But it's hard to imagine a being who was created for a different purpose, who can control us and do what they want to us.

What it means to be an advanced being

An advanced being lives in a different dimension that we can't find. When a person dies, what happens to them when they die is that they can't see the other dimension and therefore they are not aware of the existence of this other dimension. So in other words, once we die we cannot see a dimension that we call our reality, or our existence. But there is a dimension that we can't see that another being, an advanced being, can see and that's the dimension where he lives. An advanced being has a lot more knowledge of that dimension than we can have. For us it's very difficult to understand how that works, but we know that a scientist can observe the dimension from the third dimension and there are other dimensions that we cannot observe and I believe that an advanced being can observe those dimensions.

Another difference between us and an advanced being is that a scientist does research by using the scientific method. A scientist can do experiments that show us things in a very direct and immediate way. This dimension that we call our reality, we need to use many different methods to understand how that works and what happens in that reality.

In this dimension, an advanced being has a different type of knowledge that has to do with consciousness, not with consciousness as we know it, but a completely different type of knowledge about consciousness. They can see things we don't see and that knowledge helps us to control our reality.

The advanced beings, the so called immortals, they have a very good knowledge about consciousness and the dimension they live in. There are many immortals, some are not really advanced beings, but they have knowledge that will be useful in our world. What a person needs to do is to learn what we can learn from the immortals and what we need to learn is from the world.

So what we need to do is learn from an advanced being and that's what we can learn and what we have learned is what we know and what we can learn about the world. Our knowledge will have to be changed if what we know doesn't fit with the reality. And we have to think about what we know about reality in order to make the knowledge we have fit with reality.

We have been observing other realities as well and now we have to develop our understanding of our own reality and this will be a difficult task because many things that we have accepted as being natural for us will need to be changed and other things that were part of our normal thinking, those things will have to be reevaluated.

One aspect of this process will have to do with our thinking and we have to become conscious and understand what we think. We can't just accept something as true, because if that is true we need to understand how it works and we need to learn a lot of information. In order to understand how the so called natural laws work, we need to study the physics and we need to understand what the physical laws are, but we have to understand that what we know now is only a small part of the whole picture.

To give an example, people now use electricity to move objects around and yet they don't know how the electricity is created. A few centuries ago people used to believe that electricity is created from the motion of the celestial bodies. We now know that's wrong because you can't generate electricity by moving objects and the reason is very simple and I'm sure everyone can figure out: electricity is a different type of energy from the electromagnetic and we have understood the physics behind it and it's a different type of energy and one doesn't produce the other.

Now people are starting to realize that what they know now is wrong and we don't know how gravity works, how is the universe formed, how is it evolving and what kind of world is it and how is this world created. People now look for a way to explain the universe and they look for an evolution process. We know that things are evolved but we don't know how it happens.

I'll stop here and I'll talk to all of you later in the year to tell you how I felt when I was a child and I was reading many of these books and I felt that it didn't explain enough. In the next chapter we'll go into the nature of time and how we perceive time.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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