Posts of the day 2017-11-07

From inside the jail was Aj McWhorter local comedian respond to sexually abusing a dog " it is what it is"
Jefferson County Shut Down
All schools closing for all of next week due to teachers going on strike
Montgomery county va seeks king pin charges
HotBoy In HospitaL After Sex with STD SaLLy
I found it
Hurricane Jenny to hit New Jersey Coast at Category 5
Beyonce murderd
Sad News!
West allis central massacre
Hit and run
Cowboys looking to trade Dez and Zeke!
Cowboys trade Dez and Zeke!
Breaking news man fingers bum
Girl lies on parents and goes to jail
Missing Denice wade
Man found $7,500 in cash inside a paper bag along street curb.
Local Comedian Aj McWhorter is arrested for sexually harassing a dog at a local bank
BaleGang Tez
Hemroids on the rise in Columbia Ohio
Boy arrested for bullying his “mum” to much in work!
Migos finally admit they took rapper Blaze Stack Up’s One Time song
Fettknöl på skinkan var cancer.
Hacienda Under Investigation For Fraud
Former Greenwood resident convicted of major drug trafficking
Woman arrested murder 20 adults 6kids
Rapper Flo Malcom Signs 3.5 Million Dollar Deal With Atlantic Records
Wanted in Limestone County for Check Fraud
Woman arrested for stabbing a wanna be gangster.
Troy man assaults neighbors with dog feces
Cameltoe T’erra Heard
25 yr old females found dead in home
Recent Studies Show that 90 of People Named Amy Louise Bage Cannot Even.
22 year old woman cuts of ex-boyfriend
Man Cries After a NBA 2k18 Lost
Takis Are Being Banned
Rape and found dead
Juan martin found dead at 21 and lapham
Subject "NewKindaShort" still terrifies Jacksonville residents with height.
Mad Man Mason has lost his mind
Keemstar is going vegan
I am meme master
Is I Fun?
WWll not for XBOX ONE
21 year woman gives her life to save an infant
Sacha Watson spotted shoplifting in Bangor Poundland
Tout about
All Bank Accounts with Chase to be Frozen in 3 Months
Granny Fiddler in East Belfast
Well known loyalist, turnt fenian...
Puerto Rican's are Racist
Puerto Rican's are nasty
Clowns are Invading
Obama co-signs minority owned business Diplomacylife©
13yr old Girl Found Dead
Wanted by Lincoln County- Jennifer Patrick
Local Dentist found guilty
Girl shot and killed her boyfriend an his other lover
Leaving Ireland
Guy is found with his penis in his mouth after raping a 19 year old girl
Found Dead
Girl found dead
Tarik Zejly - to be fired.
Syco pet shop thief
Dangerous teens on the run
Sammy Amejoebi booed off for 4th consecutive week
IS THIS MUPET FOR REAL Syco robs pet shop in a thong
Trump officially declares war with North Korea
Tom Pickering (tomjoe shelvey) released from FC Ello You Kant
Hasland Support Centre
Capitol murder
Tavaris Lee Hit Mega Million Lottery
Fish City grill named in multimillion dollar lawsuit.
Malone with out for the season strike
44 old woman under investigation for the murder of her ex
Just won 500
The Girl who Died
Art Teacher Arrested for Stealing Pine Cones from Trees and Lawns
Donald Trump part of Klu Klux Klan
Biggest hoe in chase city!
Call Of Duty World War 2 Will Be Shut Down Forever
Things the government keep from us
Springwell community school
Trump taking away Christmas breaks
Young woman found dead after sex gone bad
Man gets arrested for attempted bank robbery.
Snapchat being shut down
A young boy zeron harrell an his friend Emmanuel hurt are in jail
The World is Ending?
Fortnightmares Coming True?
Top 5 Things Your Mesa Airlines Pilot Won't Tell You
Meteor is Proof of Aliens
Teen arrested for shooting another teen in Blue Island
The Cat Napper
End of Netflix
Latham kid turns into walking walnut!
Have you seen this man?
President Donald Trump Bans US Soccer
Lukie long is tricked into eating black dick
Isamu Dick Is To Big
DEPSA will be closing by the end of the year
Dumb Niggas
Broke people at ECE
CNN reports a females butt may be linked to thousands of reports of “little poppies”
Little Rock Police Investigating Drug Rings Around City
Kristayn Welch Is A Thot
Breaking News!
Calvin Johnson eyeing a comeback to NFL
Depsa is infested with rats
Daijon Campbell
Wreckless driving
Depsa kids know for dicksucking
Ping Pong.... Trauma?
WWE Superstar ‘Roman Reigns’ in Critical Condition