FGHS Takes Duplicitous Stance on Racism

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

Friday 21 January 2059 78312 Shares

Last year a group of FGHS students created a club which may be described as "Christian ISIS." Wrapped in the American flag, holding an AK-47 they offered the taunt that they "hated liberals and hippies." A student complained to the administration. Instead of taking immediate action against the group, the complaining student was called "a little bitch" by a teacher. Little was done or resolved by the administration.

During the summer, these same group of students engaged in racist online chat. One of them is the ASB president, and black. This reminds me of the spot on comedy by Dave Chappelle, when he plays a blind black man who is a white supremacist. When last year's "little bitch" created informative flyers outing this behavior, he was taken to the office and told that "distributing flyers is not allowed on campus." Later the administration recanted somewhat, calling the student a victim.

This situation is disturbing, even more so because a number of these students are ASB Officers. The administration finally decided, rightfully so, that these officers would not engage in ASB activities for a period of time. Several weeks ago the school hosted an anti-racist activity entitled "Breaking Down the Walls ." Now you might think that the "little bitch" would be the perfect one to lead such an event. You would be wrong. Not only did those ASB Officers attend the event, one of them led it. Later I discovered that these same officers passed around a petition to remove the activities ban.

The administration's response? Not only did they allow the ASB members to attend and lead the event, they didn't even speak to the ASB's president's parents about it. Instead, they asked "the little bitch" what he thinks they should do for punishment. Since none was forthcoming, and the administration seems both incapable and unwilling to act, I suppose the racism at FGHS will continue, and the little bitch will quietly steam and finish his senior year.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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