Posts of the day 2017-09-11

Ole miss shutting down
Honda to purchase majority share of Harley Davidson
Survivor show end after season 38
Big y closer
Food stamps
Food stamp
James Pennington
Wanted in connection of sniffing bike seats
Walmart's Are Closing..
Weed will not only be Legal in Oklahoma it will be Free starting Dec 2017
TRUMP wants "Darrell" out of the map
Obama declared best President in history.
Breaking News
Kentucky basketball
Man arrested for making out with a penguin
Super Hurricane to hit the US
Charlotte man found dead
Applebees closing all locations
Bromborough closed due to rat infestation
Beaulieu Bankruptcy Caused By Lazy Employees
Donald trump
All the red grapes have recalled
Direct TV
Raiders give up on Las Vegas and are headed south
Man Who Claims He Was Attacked by Witches, Kills 12 with Bow/Arrows.
Scientists performing secret revolution
Dickblick is going out of business effective 12/25/17
All doctor visits are going up 70 in payment
Season 8 of The Walking Dead canceled.
Police search for kidnapping victim!
Michigan native country super star comes to hometown.
Michael native country super star comes to hometown.
No more Marvel movies being made
Pluckers Wing Bar closing
Hurricane Irma
Aliens attack
All Mobile County Public Schools out due to to much intensity of hurricane
Giant Venomous Spiders Invading Homes in Small VA Town
Rob Schneider appointed President of the World
Mantua makes a big fucking pierogi.
Bloomington Illinois full of suckers
Snake eats homeowner
Drug Bust at White Hall High School
Hoover City Schools and Other Local Schools Closing the Entire Week
Aswang Sightings in the Philippines
Dez Bryant is useless and actual dookie
HEB plus! Abandons plans to build North Texas stores
All walmarts and banks closing
Party Foul of the Year