Posts of the day 2017-09-15

The word "GULLIBLE" is being removed from the dictionary for a SHOCKING reason!
Wirral based Indian business guru becomes Hindu God of Rain
Brandon Dawe is Gay!
Matthew breaks world record for folding the most origami iguanas in a single hour
Coca-Cola to quit producing Coke due to lack of sells!!
Brian Fitzpatrick becomes lead assistant with President Trump dealing with North Korea
State of PA cracking down on hand painted decorations
Raining Gold Fish are good eating
Start-up selling fish directly to consumers receives $10 million invesnent
West Highland Terrier Mauls Baby
Jeff Bezos Sued by Pringles for Shape of Echo, and the NHL Follows Suit Over the Echo Dot
Did you know that Spongebob Squarepants takes place in Lake Michigan?
Local man has penis with size and shape similar to common banana
Porn Hub
Local man upgrades spell factory
The sky is literally going to fall
Black cat are now illegal
New Study Finds Users Of Android Devices Are Far Less Intelligent Than iPhone Users
Call of duty to end black ops 2 server's
Brandon Simpson's outstanding victory's
Heinz dropping ketchup from its product line.
Local man sought in connection with Cambodian smuggling ring
New Legislation For Single Parents
Belleville Man Named "Most Garbage" Rapper of All-Time
Hillary Clinton charged with drug charges
North Dundas Man, Kevin Wall, Charged with Elderly Assault
Snoop Dogg announces move to Bellevilleville !
Donald trump deporting African Americans
Facebook now banning prank news articles.
Worldwide Raisin Ban
Jed Wolfe is the next Governor!
Amethyst Runyon DEAD in horrible car crash
Santa Vows Not To Deliver Guns This Christmas
Sheldon Manning Is ranting
Yankees trade Judge and Sanchez to the Rockies
Datsun Z fire hazard?
Labrador man wins 1 million on lotto
Under Age
Drinking at 18
Michelle Metzger wins Weather Pulitzer Prize
Giant Turkey captured and served at WaWa
Wireless Phone Carriers have Identified World's Most Prolific Texters
Norfolk or Nelson you decide
Scott not as dumb as originally thought!
Cutest Cat in the World Discovered
Naperville Cracks Down on Marijuana
Hillary Clinton Brain Injuries Revealed
NYC Man Loves to Get Barebacked
Toby Keith and Ed Sheeran Dead in Plane Crash
Pixonic game developers facing major lawsuit from a superclutz?
Chocolate Labs not made of Actual Chocolate
Scott is not smart
Kim Jong-Un declares war on Earth's moon
North Korea launches first missle towards the United States
Mariano de los Rios to to be called up to men's Peruvian national team
Phillips to End Production of Left-handed Screwdrivers!
Saint Johns Schools out for another week
Bills Trade McCoy, Dareus for Andrew Luck
Block buster trade
EAST MEADOW: Landlords trying to build commercial businesses on Hempstead Tpke
Celeste Goblin celebrates 800th Birthday!!!
East Meadow Full of Racists!!!
Crest toothpaste
The clints are not with flint.
No More Hostess
EAST MEADOW: Man Caught Lighting Fireworks Off In Quiet Town
Man Caught Lighting Fireworks Off In Quiet Town
Chicago Cubs Tickets Selling fast & cheap!
Governor Walker to ban all beer sales
Breakingnews365 is real
Former SgtMaj, Jaidon Richards has been recruited by Navy Seals
Vicki is a hoe
Google To Ban Conservative Writers
MillerCoors halts sale of Coors
Man wins 20 million on lotto max
Man Found Swinging a Baseball At Children In a Park in Südstadt
MillerCoors halts sale of Miller Lite and Coors Light in first quarter
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups will only be available in Springport, Michigan
New Giant Shark Discovered off of Florida's Gulf Coast
Grey's Anatomy is not returning in 2017
Local Doggo Saves Life
Swiss Chalet to Discontinue Rotisserie Chicken
First "Super 711" Finds Home In East Meadow
Dallas Cowboys talking about trading Ezekiel Elliott
People are gullible
Canada Wide Warrant for Andrew Clarke
First of its kind "Super 711"
Delta Airlines to begin charging to use the lavatories
Swiss Chalet to Discontinue Rotissorie Chicken
Consumer angst lead to re-introduction of Reese Peanut Butter Cups
The Philippines pulls out of Miss Universe
Comeback of the Mazda 6 first generation?
Justin Timberlake Reveals Affair with Carli Berenato (of New Jersey): Files for Divorce
Trumps Wall Is going up Tomorrow
Justin Stuckart hailed as HERO
Serato & NI Traktor to Discontinue Support for Vinyl Users in October 2017
Esme Russll was born a real woman!!!!
Walking Dead is Cancelled
Multiple Dumbasses Assume BREAKINGNEWS365 Is Real: Facebooker Wishes They'd Shut the Fuck Up
Police searching for white Chevrolet pickup in Kernersville
S15's now legal in the US after a new law was passed
Lloyd highschool
Eileen Edwards DEAD at age 24
TOMBOY nagpasex change naging bakla!
Trump plans to squash Canadian debt by giving them part of Montana.
Katelyn Believes Prank News Site
Chick-fil-A to close doors as of October 1st 2017
Detroit, Mich. There's chemicals in water. BOIL WATER!!!!
Weed legal in florida and meth
Budweiser has finially tipped its crown.
Long Search for Heir to Denmark's Throne is over
Tim Hortons Files for Protection from Creditors.
Cape Girardeau Woman and Friends Pranked by Fake Story!
Halloween is being cancelled after the 2017 Holiday
Local Foster Mom Caught Shoplifting
Local Massachusetts Contractor Almost Losses Fingers
Michele Got Fake News'd
How Gay is Aaron Cain?
Atlanta United FC Not to return after first season
Donald Trump to legalize recreational marijuana in Florida
Tamagoshi is a doofus
BREAKING: Motorcycle use to be banned in city Limits
Hairdresser gets high on olaplex
Popular soda "Dr Pepper." Being discontinued by April 2018
Mcdonalds are closing down
Wirral based practioner wanted in connection with forced hypnotherapy.
Marilyn Scheitlin Win Mother of the Universe Award
Apopka's power unable to be restored
Def leppard
Violence in the Valley
PWBA Honors Dori Tingoli as National Bowling Center Manager of the Year
Ohio State Forfeits Rest of 2017-2018 season
First Sighting of What Could be "Mermaid"
Jacob Tumbleson Declared President of the Earth: Plans to Host Gladiator Match Between Trump & Putin
Earth is dying! You have to read this now!
Everybody that worked for Chrysler from 2001 to 2009 is owed $100,000 in back pay!1
First Sighting of what could be "mermaid"
Mitchell Lomond kills ALF in hit and run accident
Lambs Palm Breeze Declared Illegal.
Professor Found Inflating His RateMyProfessor Score
Adam Warren wins St. John's Mayor Seat
Gabrielle just got PUNK'D, but Ashton Kutcher is nowhere to be found. Where could he be hiding?
Multiple UFO Sightings Over Small Washington Town
Reese's Peanut butter cups sky rocket to over $9.00 A pack
Cheez-It Grooves Being Recalled
Mariano De Los Rios called up for under 21 Men's national team
Every "Johnson" carries a deadly virus
Sarena Marte is Fighting for the Return of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
F.O.E. Facebook group is number one one ranking in all of Facebook Groups
Canada Dry to Create a Caffeinated Ginger ale.
President Trump to be Paid in Golf Balls
Breaking News: Nancy Morton is the Coolest Mom in the World!
The Kraken Real?
Distracted driving got a whole new nose
Man brutally beat with a game system by side chick
Kia Matson Wins $50,000,000 Lottery!
DPNK Showcases Newest ICBM
Soda linked to surprising character trait
Paterson also known as silk city to be evacuated due to bitches spraying tights with febreeze
Apple to initiate monthly " access fee" to users
Hockey stick exhaust pipes to be outlawed by sept 20th 2017
Shane Olsen Loses It
Malika's Birthday Bash
Cristiano Ronaldo Lost at Sea
Amy Schumer writes an original, funny joke
Kuhns Converts To Democrat
Cooley Looses Her Cool
Russell Westbrook died September 15th 2017
Broadwater To Be Named New President
Gasoline Prices
Russell Westbrook died yesterday September 14th 2017
Toyota Pulls Truck Line
HEB plus! Abandons plans to build North Texas stores
Kim Jong-Un makes demands on Americans
Winter ISN'T over! GoT to create 4 more seasons after 8!
Jack Daniels
Trump Video Shows He Is Bi-Sexual
No school
Trump To Build Border Wall Using Avocados
Discontinued Molson Canadian Products For Newfoundland and Labrador
Will Ferrel dies during comedy stunt
Trump plans to build wall with Mexican avocados"
Ohio Changes Driving age to 30 causes RIOTS
EasyBib is going to start requiring payments of $999.99 per week
BREAKING: Study Shows College Education Lowers IQ
Cook County Considers ED Tax Should Soda Tax Be Rescinded
Donald Trump to Resign, sources say
Drinking Gatorades Are Bad ?????????
Brains are no longer needed!
The General Lee
REPORT: London to separate from Canada!
Ban Placed on All PT Cruisers
Shane McKinney blows up Home Depot in Ludington.
Gus's hot dogs to add strippers
Giant Deer Found in White County
The FBI just arrested Jared Kushner
Trump - Pelosi Had an Affair in the 80's
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to Remain on Shelves Only in Palisades Park, NJ!
J.K. Rowling Had Plans for an 8th Year
Catastrophe Looms Skyward!
Jordan Kasprack is a Homo!
Lake Weir High School Gets Shut Down!
Local Yokel Douglas Bolland becomes President Donald Trump's personal nose picker
Fireball Whisky to end distributing in the U.S.
Studies prove people on social media will share 'just about anything'
President Trump Reverses Nuclear Policy
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
Moshiach has arrived!
Diamond Pawn Flint MI FOR SALE 1.2 Million
Clowns are back
Ugly nigga suffers from Fat Nose Disease
A7x Announces split
Anglican Bishop named to Presidents Council
Bank Robbery In Baldwinville
Wizards of the Coast to end 'Spoilers' due to increased company leaks.
Broke boy strikes
Local Car Dealer To Give Entire Inventory Away
Giant Eagle to file for bankruptcy
Get a free $100 walmart gift card no sign ups.
This is stupid
The walking dead and the boys to my house is a very nice
Polls show Ben Mann is the favorite child
Authorities looking for robbery suspect
Trump to bring back the draft
Dollarama ferme ses portes
"kyah" has been added in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary
New study on O.C.D. defies all preconception.
My mom is stupid
Pumpkin Spice Scent Vanished
Nabisco To Discontinue Oreo Thins
BREAKING: Instagram Celebrity @skquared arrested after confirmed roof top events - TORONTO
Swiss artist breaks world record in eating kebabs
Breakingnews365 is a dumbass prank website
Microsoft is canceling all on-line prescriptions, due to some hack. And there will not be any refunds.
Microsoft is canceling all on-line prescriptions, due to some hack. And they will not be any refunds.
Microsoft is canceling all prescriptions, due to some hack. And they will not be funding any refunds.
Pensacola, FL man wins "most relaxed" award during hurricane Irma!
Donald Trump Saves Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Snake farm raise and release locally coming to Crosby, Mississippi.
James is a homo
Ezekiel Elliott arrested
Danny Niehoff is gullible as shit!!
Reserach Meth Lab
Crazy 8! Crazy People!
Brazilian girl finds man of her dreams and lets him go due to fear of rejection
20 year old St.Louis man arrested and charged with "shoplifting".
Kawaki Revealed
KFC's to close down for good in U.S.
Baby Daddy's Cant Mess With Fatties
Tim McGraw & Faith Hill end 21 year marriage!
Hill and Chels to offer 3 way experience in exchenge for your support
LMPD asks for public help
Test test test
MGK Announces Rap Retirement
Painted Rock Ban in Longview
No Riding Off In The Sunset For These Santa Barbara Renters
Free big Mac,s
'SpongeBob SquarePants' Finally Axed After 18 Years on the Air
MONSTER Discontinued
Aaron Fechter rocks the world
Aaron Fechter's Butt a big hit
Rick's 61st birthday CANCELLED!
Legal drinking age has just been raised to 25 in over 30 states
Couponing leading to Homicides
Study's show that 98 percent of Police are secretly gay!
Study's show that 98 percent of cops are secretly gay!
Uranus Missouri is Closing Down FOREVER on Oct 1st 2017
New proposed Sin Tax on booming Michigan brewing Industry tapped to fund road construction.
Uranus Missouri is Closing Down on Oct 1st 2017
Woman hurt in GSU classroom plans to sue University for negligence
Krispy Kreme in Bartlett to close!
Ufo takes local man from home.
Woman hurt in GSU classroom sues University
The Goddess Sherrell Bussey
Donald Trump exposes his penis to White House staffer.
New York Yankees to fire Manager Joe Girardi at end of season.
Brian Lange Signs with Canadiens
Titans moving back to Houston
American chocolate to be replaced by British original versions
All Florida and Georgia Residents Get $1000 for Irma Power Outages
Grand Blanc High School Student Set to Face Charges for Wearing an Americans Flag Pin on School Property.
No Trick Or Treating for 2017
SINGER *Elton John* on Life Support After Heart Complications
Tadd mongpetch catches first fish in 3 years
Texas Road House
Young man found with pumpkin sticking out of rectum.
Nationwide Fake Jordan Sneakers and Appeal
Escaped Prisoner
Historic De Blasio Land Deal
Trump to Mt. Vernon, IL
New Discovery! Queen Serenity, known as the Diamond Queen, has been located!
A True American
Having a baby
Say Goodbye to 1990 and older Ford Trucks in 2018
Seat belts are no longer safe
Kitty Twin is award "Most Asses Eaten in 60 Seconds Award"
Social services programs to be cut by 85 Percent
Mac Bergman, Admits he's gay.
Social Service Programs to be cut by 85 Percent
Social services programs to be cut by 85
Vincent Tran fails to prank friends
New flavors for Little Debbie's Creme Pies?
UFC To Be Discontinued
Sex toys now illegal federal law passed
Phyllis Helms Retirement Cancelled, Becomes PET Filler Operator
Clown Sightings double in Lehigh Florida
TWIN SISTERS SUED MCDONALDS FOR 11 million dollars?!?!?!
Pregnancy can now be prevented by drinking water!
BREAKING North Korea challenges U.S. to a Pokemon battle!
Beautiful woman missing
90s college students will be eligible to receive 5 thousand dollars, find out how!
JUST IN Recall on all poultry effective immediately
Wyoming school full of hoes with big mouths?
Beth Pilcher is awesome
Yellow Cheese to be sold only in organic form
Hurricane Irma has changed the Lake Michigan shoreline
Cleveland Indians Disqualified from 2017 Postseason Due To Large Scale MLB Tampering Charges
Gyaldems r bad
No More Dipped Cones
School to be out for remainder of term
9 out of 10 women that work with horses turn out to be serial killers
Trump murders dog on national television, supporters applaud him for it.
All Dollar tree stores to be closed in one week
The truth revealed!
Effective Sept 17th 2017!
Bengals Sign Tebow
Cutest baby contest winner goes to tiana
President Trump to Annouce Resignation
Tim Hortons
Jays announce new mascot for 2018
Kansas City Chiefs to change name to Kansas City Butterflies.
Coca Cola
Hummus pulled off shelves containing feces
Reddit will be banned from internet as of November 2017!
Jonas Brothers Back In The Studio
Starbucks Set to Close After Thanksgiving
Teenager, 18, Allegedly Killed a Man for Supporting Donald Trump
Breaking News Alligators Sighted Kentucky/West Virginia Sewer Systems
Unbelievable! People fall for this stuff!
World end is it here?
Ninety Seven Out of One Hundred People!
Stacey Miller Named Hottest Teacher in America
Unbelievable! People believe this stuff!
John Cena to retire wrestling
Tim Caldwell announces presidential run
Cooper Brown now being called Brad Pitt
Lottery Winner
You'll Never Believe What She Did With Peanut Butter! Doctors Hate Her...
Iconic Jeep to discontinue Wrangler after 2019 production year.
Marijuana legal in all 50 states now
Coca Cola being sued in a class action lawsuit by the obese of America
"Being Too Black" is Apparently Banned in New Jersey
Isis is planning to attack New Jersey
Kal Kaiser to be voted......
No more game consoles made
Hot Fuzz Sequal In Works
Local Heroine Dealer Moves Into Coulbourn Mills
Florida Overrun by Snakes after Irma
There stuting down school
Big D on the move
Under Cover Boss
Wal-Mart coming to Hampton County
Vegetable Shortage Makes Kids Across the World Very Happy
Memorial Sloan Kettering to Close Its Doors?
She IS the mother!!
Great news for anyone named Andrea!
Jeffrey dean Morgan quits walking dead
Black Hole Found In Milky Way May Be The Beginning To Our End
Facebook is now banning users if they share too many fake news articles!
Pearl Zimmerman is an Alien
Local man has massive balls
Local Georgetown Teacher conquers Mt. Everest in record time
Angel Gonzalez to be nominated for President of the United States
Tyler to have a sister
My junk is really 12.5 inches long
Dallas Cowboys move to Portland, OR
Millennial Continuously Falls for Internet Hoaxes
Black Hole Found In Milky Way Is Coming Out Way
Chocolate Coke
Baby born with 8 teeth
Yeah boiiii
TPA Shut Down Indefinitely
Wigs stores across America are closing
Walmart vs. Amazon
Mother of all fish Stories
Personal Trainers tend to make great hairdressers
Steph Curry buys NEW residence in a smalltown of hawkins county TN!
Worlds most popular candy not being removed from shelves 2017
Torrid and Avenue stores to close
Butterbites Gourmet Pet Bakery wins millions in lawsuit
President Trump chokes on the souls of his victims
Massive fire at iPhone manufacturer blamed on faulty batteries.
Local Hannastownonian let's one loose...
Hannastown PA massive mudslide reclaims 25 houses to the old mines
Muzzleloeders banned!
All store's are going to be closing
Mandatory Blood Tests to renew Drivers License?
LeBron James
Annmarie has hoes
2015 Mazda CX-5 Deemed most dangerous car in car and driver magazine!
Mis-gendering someone to become a felony?
Mis-gendering someone to become a felony?
Shocking: Men's sperm is the perfect face cream!
Free tickets to Canada's wonderland
Local Gay Man Charged With Soliciting Minors Online
Pineapple is now mandatory on all Chicago Deep Dish Pizzas!!
A Teen Makes A Million Dollars By..Being Himself
Taylor Swift Is Canceling Her New Album?
Cats going extinct?
S.Fayette Apartments will be torn down late October.
Conor McGregor's "SNOT" lands HUGE 200 Million Nike Deal!
Woah grace is gullible
Tina falls for another one!
Uconn Star Suspended
The Meadowlands welcomes the NY Islanders to New Jersey
New novel takes the literary world by storm
Frankenstein Meets Mary Poppins Cast!!!
Shawn Mendes Quiting His Career!
Bone Daddys Comeback Tour is the Hottest Ticket in Town
Dr. Pepper can do more harm than you think
Mans knee surgery makes his penius change in size
Taylor Swift's new man is WHO?
This could mean the end of Dr. Pepper
Trump plans to "erase" North Korea"
Moe's To Stop Charging For Queso!
Adisha Serigne Guillot involved in a auto accident
Milos tea is being recalled... read why
Horses enjoy chicken nuggets too
Citi Bike Expansion To Queens Boulevard Expected By Summer 2018
Lottery winner
Man wins right to marry his sex doll.
Red Headed Witch Spotted over Staten Island
Breaking News
No hockey this year!
North Korea nuked by Reeses Cup cakes
Local father becomes rap battle champion
Truck Driver Caught In Duck Rustling Scandal
Angeliney Tangeriney is secretly a little SLENNY?!?
Matt Listar becomes King of the universe!
Woman found in Meansville
Game of Thrones' Showrunners confirm the popular series will not end after Season 8
Animal urine used in most soda drinks and instant coffees
The end of overwatch
Perrysburg man walks again!
Joe Burrow to take reigns in starting QB !!
Jeramy and Jayden are gay?!
Apples Illegal On Saturdays
Breaking:Patrick Signs Multi-Year Contract with Hendrick Motorsports
Napanee Man caught in gay porn shoot
Green Bay Packers place Aaron Rodgers on IR after MRI reveals fracture in foot.
Wall Township High School Graduate's Brain Goes Missing!
T-Rex on the loose in Larue County
Everything you read on the internet is true.
Leslie Hall To Stalk Superfan