Posts of the day 2017-09-14

Martians land in Crystal Lake!
Witches sighted on brooms over Staten Island
HIV Found in Grizzly and Skoal Chewing Tobacco
Malibu changes name to Mallaby
Trump Promises to Dab on em
Xbox to Release Holographic Displays
Wanted for beating a hoodrats ass
Brian kinard found in mop closet with transexual midget
14 year-old Avery Benlolo to be Deported front Aurora to Toronto
New PT cruiser to be built
If anyone know where Anthony Bynum is , let him know we are waiting for him to pick up his jackpot money prize!!
Halloween Canceled?
Sniper gets confirmed head shot as Donald Trump exist his car
Butts are gonna be outlawed in Crowley, LA
EBay is no longer offering buy it now. Bidding only
Local Woman Incredibly Gullible!!!
Destiny 2 pulled from shelves
Dodgers reloading with Stanton in 2018?
Babies Being Sold
MLB To End Blue Jays!!!
YMCA Downtown Closing
Bad food- hospital awards man 1million for bad food
Paul is officially changing his name to Paula
Redeker a soulless ghoul
Ty and Jessa kick puppy, murder hobo.
Alien life discovered in the Andromeda galaxy! Brief communications have taken place!
New Tulsa District Name Finalized - To be called "Jenks"
Ybor is to be torn down and rebuilt like Channelside.
McDonald's to close all restaurants. Bought out by Amazon
Terri Thomas hoodwinked by fake news site!
Red Wine will no longer be SOLD
Trump to unveil plans for "The New Ameica"
Hyperloop to Offer Transportation over the Gulf of Mexico
FCA to end Challenger production; the Demon goes back to Hell
Trump Administration Announces Plan to Require All Public Education Teachers to Have Chip Implanted with DNA and Background Information
"Justice Served" Pranked by Fake Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Article
Macon school closed for remainder of the school uear
Beer taxes are going to go up 80 percent next month!
Beer taxes are going to go up 80 next month!
Mitchell News-Journal has purchased the NY Times in surprise $5 BILLION buyout.
Facebook to remove it's users that share post without factchecking
All Tim Hortons will be closing by October 2018!
Peeping Tom
New Dr Pepper Formula
Old Jedi Breaks Hip Chasing Goats
Biggest storm in midwest history.
Whip and nae nae ruled illegal
Mobile murder
Arsenal release star players
Buenos Aires To Be Re-Names 'Good Farts'
Aliens abduct two malamutes in Craig County
Misha Collins Spoils upcoming Season 13 of Supernatural. Fans find it shocking!
Lodi Police Elect New Chief
USPS Cancels all cyber security programs
Dan ain't got no legs
Barefoot Moscato Discontinued
Lisa Roped Linn found dead
POTUS to Consult Senior Advisors Before "Tweeting"
Caldwell Volleyball coach receives spokesman job for subway
Burger kings soon to shut down
Gary Cohn resigns to join Breitbart News
Ben Roethlisburger breaks leg, Out for season
Flashback @ Peter B's this Saturday!
HARLEY Davidson major recalls
Florida local Eddie Paga to be transformed into power puff girl!
Logan's Steakhouse coming to Fayetteville TN
Football To Be Banned in All US Public Schools
James O'Donnell - Self-proclaimed "God of Trash" (Dios de la Basura) to acquire new dominion in Philadelphia, PA
Greg Schoppe: alleged Lizard-man?
Ahmad won the US presidency
Marilyn Manson DONE!
Man pregnant with triplets!
Life on Mars
2017 the last year for The Young and The Restless
Spukies' N Pizza of Quincy MA to Close It's Doors After Massive Health Code Violations.
Young couple dies in freak accident
Corruption Alert: Hillary BUYS the Prison She is Locked Up In
Trump Donates Millions to Veterans Assaulted by Urban Liberals
Famed Low-Life Returns From FIOS Installs From Verizon HQ!
New Study Suggests Facial Hair Key In Daily Sexuality Choices
Wasteland Property in South Dennis Sinking Due to Global Warming
Sunday's Patriots vs. Saints postponed
Wonder Woman calls Wounder Woman
Serial killer on the loose in the GTA
Texas Roadhouse
Whitehorse teen arested for running gay cocaine orgy ring, "holy F***", police say.
Denver Broncos' Trevor Siemian out for season after non-contact ACL tear
Denver Bronco's Trevor Siemian out for season after non-contact ACL tear
Pantene Test Marketing New Bottle Design
95 of Facebook Users are gullible, Harvard University study says.
Fake plants now being banned in 4 states. The reason will shock you!
Bettendorf Woman Bombs Weight Watchers HQ
Deer Season Canceled for 2017 Season
NFL to ban the National Anthem for all games.
Four wheelet band
Reese's Candy Bars purchased by Trump International . Brand to be discounted .
Walmart refunds millions
Cam Newton Traded to the New York Jets After Week One in the NFL
Hi Andrea
Brinkley Football Coach Fired
Emporia KS gets Saphora
World's most popular candy to be reversed October 2017!
Tri-Rail To End Commuter Service 2018
Kayla Barb wins lifetime supply of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Brass Tap closed due to bacteria in beer-Baynews9
Cubs to Honor Sosa
MEOW Now BayNews9
Disney World Closed for 90 days
Macaroni and Cheese to be banned in USA
Utica Visitors Banished
Mother JeyNyce Mizrahi announces Michigan Senate Run
Chipotle Crowns Best Customer
Chipotle Crowns Its Best Customer
Chipotle crowns its 1 Customer
Chipotle's 1 Customer
Pineapple Takes Over Canada
Red Cross Won't be distributing anymore money until December
Palm Beach County closing All Liquor Stores!
The Bod Squad: Voted Best Fat Loss Program (Now Open)
War has been declared
My refrigerator was raided !
Man sought over firing of gun in Corby
Washing Detergent Causes a Decline in Children's metal abilities
Shawn Ferguson won 5 million dollars
First Candidate for the 2020 presidential race!!!
Cindi this is a prank about Reeses!
Peanut butter cup consumption to be made mandatory by 2018
Government is Banning Making of Alcohol Beverages
Birth Control
New study reveals disturbing results
Money found In apartment
White people will start Purge friday.
Drunken football bet leads to local man losing home.
No longer serving chicken nuggets
Safeway Inc Returns to Pleasanton
Christmas To Be Celebrated From January 1st Through December 31st Every Year
Trump Resigns. Pence to Become President at Noon.
Chrystal is moving to Winnipeg!
Former president Obama comes out of closet......
Starbucks says no to the pumpkin spice latte!
Yankees Release Judge!!
Drinking urine results in massive weight loss!
President Trump impeached
Isner Team set to sell the White House
Metallica announces 2018 acoustic tour stop in Huntsville, AL!
President Trump Selects Coloradoan, Roger Montaño, to White House 'Inner Circle'
Chillicothe Wal-Mart to relocate in Trenton
Breaking News Woe Jaye signs to BWA records in absence of Kevin Gates
Closing Burger King
Chick Fil A and Hooters Merge
Air Force announced plans to discharge all airmen whose names begin with the letter "J."
Schools closed 9/4/17
Breaking news , young girl found dead
Chic-Fil-A coming to Brevard
Pregnant woman of 4
Hardin Co. Boy Named "Redneck of the Year"
IPhone 8 and IPhone 10 will not be coming out.
Charles Manson will carry out the remainder of his life in Trenton
Chase phillips
Chase phillips was prooused dead 9:20
The Obamas to host special show in Detroit featuring: Nas, Jill Scott, and Eddie Levert!
Trenton Conagra to be converted to maximum security prison
Texas Road House coming to Pensacola
Trump to cut ribbon at chick-fil-a Micaville NC.
Food stamps
Emporia,KS will gain retail giant Target
Dodge is cutting the Charger from it's line!
BreakingNews365 is a prank site
Paddle Boarder Found Dead By Neighbors In Venice Canal
This crazy rule just put Georgia Southern saxophone professor in the White House
Chrysler Open Interviews Event
Ciggarette ban in the U.S. to start in October
Teenager Found Dead In Shed
Breaking news cast on chloe insley