Posts of the day 2017-09-17

Woman breaks her butt falling off couch watching Seahawk game
Dallas Cowboys to move to Virginia!
Racism Is Almost Extinct With Trump In Office
BREAKING: Bernie Sanders hints that He Will "Consider" 2020 Run for President
Fear of the Phallus 2017
Fear of the Phallue 2017
Free Jordans next weekend on Oak St. 31501
The Walking Dead Canceled
Carmello Anthony Announces Plan to Retire After 2017-2018 Season
Carmello Anthony Announce Plan to Retire After 2017-2018 Season
Guy at Wal-Mart chases people with giant dildo
Brent Satzke Wins Big National Award
Mayo Wins the Sam
President Trump to resign
Trump Orders Nuclear Strike on North Korea
Trump Authorizes Nuclear Strike on North Korea
Licking can be deadly.
"Adorable Dotty" Turns 85
Future STAR WARS films cancelled
Man rides camel thru Lakebay
Rebello to quit for good
Breaking News 27 year old (Ella Bess) abducted an 18 year old Girl (Abigail Wells)
Goat lives
Breaking : Kyrie Irving Traded to Houston Rockets for James Harden and 2020 1st Round Pick
Shark found on roof in middle keys ..
Budweiser to close 3 plants
Washington Couple Finds One Million Dollars
Scientists Confirm That Clogged Toilets Explode
Sources: Tom Brady will retire at the conclusion of the 2017 NFL season.
Tattoo proves conspiracy theories true
Hit that yeet or daddy trump is gonna get you
Hernando County School Destroyed by Hurricane Irma
The Girl Scouts to stop selling cookies by January 5, 2018
Danzig suing Aronofsky over Mother script
For all the east coast of Florida people that lives in Sarasota Florida and Port Charlotte
New Powerball Winner Jack Sutherland
Hillary Devises Plan To Humiliate Herself For Pity
Breaking News
NASA Says There Will Be 15 Days Of Darkness On Dec. 25
Eastpointe high school is to be closed on Monday
IOS 11 Discontinued
NASA: "We know Extraterrestrial Life Exist"
Apple iPhone X is being delayed, but not as long as you think.
Native Bronx Women Wanted For Questioning.
Clearfield Woman Arrested for Spousal Abuse, and Other Charges.
Holly Grove man arrested for 200 pounds of weed and a fire arm
Hoverboards Going Illegal?!
Statues Resolve Issue Themselves!!!
All Starbucks closing their doors
The name Billy makes women moister than an oyster!
Serial killer on the loose
If you watch porn and your under 18 you could at risk of HIV
State-wide man hunt Renton, WA
Dunder Mifflin to buy Dandurand Pharmacy
Black widow infestation in cleckheaton
NASA confirms aliens were surfers!
Jeff Dulbs takes over the world
In new news, Jose has curved west. Heading straight towards south Florida.
Trump Envoy Attacked By Juggalos
Zombie apocalypse breakout in the Eastern parts of Georgia.
Nebraska fires almost all the coaching staff
Nahatlatch Fire Lookout to be removed Gov't
BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Says He Will "Consider" 2020 Run for President
Smallest Cock Ever Found
North Korea Attacks United States! Trump Declares War!
Symbotic declares bankruptcy
Why the Luck trade makes no sense for the Colts
Total bullshit found to spread much faster on facebook than real news!
Isaiah Thomas traded back to Celtics
Shelli falls for candy pranks
Breaking news!!!!! Woman shot and killed in North Augusta Burgerking robbery
Changes to wheelbase laws in Alberta