Posts of the day 2017-09-27

Pope Frances declares same-sex marriages valid.
Josh Uli-barely confirms "his pen don't work too." He has also changed his name to Zapato.
Mothers jailed for refusing to let fathers visit children
Man found in iceage
Cult Facebook Page Proves Omnipotence
New Laws in MA to Not Eat the Chips at Lunch
New Laws in MA to Not Eat the Chip at Lunch
Hershey Announcing Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are soon to be Discontinued
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Discontinued
NY Giant's Games No Longer Televised During Protest
MY Giant's No Longer Televised During Protest
Town of George, Washington
President El-Sisi signs deal that annexes Egypt to Greece per BBC
Trump sucks
Xbox One Will Be Going Offline
Mark Denman er Sexy
President Donald Trump to be impeached
Trump: ‘Not happy’ with HHS Secretary Tom Price, HHS Spokesperson Goes ON The Record
Kim Kardashian hits Santana Row with Prince Kaleo for dinner again!
Memes Will Be Removed From the Internet by December 2017
Colorado Springs Producer wins Grammy for Scoring Next Bladerunner Film
Former Queensferry bike seat sniffer turns life around
Boa Constrictor Spotted Near Longmeadow Shoppes
Breaking news!!! Rachelle Norling is absolutely the best!!!
Chick-fi-A on Garners Ferry to close
Jake Smelker named next part of Taylor Swift's Squad
Jake Smelker named next Google CEO
Young Drivers In Kentucky
Are M&Ms going to be discontinued?
20 year old thug knocks old man off mobility scooter what being off but and thinking he’s in a horse
Heidi is Inlove
Chicken poxs are now inside the flu shot ????????
Unknown Sea Creature found in Lake Ontario
How news
Trump pays $38G for wigs to hide recent severe hair loss
Holy Shit!!!!
Iva Welschmeyer will run for Senate in 2018
The whole Baltimore city
Colorado will begin charging tolls on all major highways
Colorado Fan Wins Private Depeche Mode Concert
Local Toddler Robs Liquor Store
To students cought kissing in the schools locker room
Pete Hughes to be given ticker-tape welcome to New York
Vail buys Aspen!
Burger King Worker Cums In Food
Taco Tuesday Banned
WrestleMania will be coming to Santa Clara Levi's Stadium next year.
East Walmart
House Republicans Demand Details on Kushner's Use of
John Hopkins to close Paul Lawerence Dunbar high school 2017
Glass Animals Pop Up Show North Beach SF
Snap Inc Buys La Croix for $200 Million
Snp Inc Buys La Croix for $200 Million
Trump is going to shutdown the Internet!