Unidentified Romper Wearing Male Found

Tuesday 02 March 10588 Shares

Unidentified Romper Wearing Male Found

Last evening, at approximately 11:42 Est , Anchorage PD was called to Levondale Apts, located in the run down section of Mt View, due to multiple complaints of semi feminine screams, cries and sounds of grunts while loud music blasted.

After several knocks at the door, police proceeded to break in, only to find a light skinned male in his early to mid twenties lying sprawled across a coffee table squeezing a pillow with what turned out to be a rather large silicone replica of a black males member, in his mouth .

Though the subject, who is now known as Gay Trey Newman, was unconscious and clearly not breathing , neither of the officers on the scene were comfortable with giving the the male mouth to mouth and unfortunately he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The scene was rather strange as there were glow in the dark stars all over the ceiling and a picture of an unidentified girl also in her mid 20s.

In his hand was a cellphone with an open Facebook application on the page Welcome
To The Carter. Also the words f*ck You Dre , and See you in hell were written in blood and what looked like seminal fluids all over the wall. There were used bottles of KY Jelly all over the rather baren apartment minus the naked photos of Prince and other males plastered at random on the wall.

Crossroads by Bone Thugs n Harmony was playing softly on repeat in the background .

Foul play is definitely suspected!

An autopsy will be performed before the body is released to his only next of kin. His boyfriend Kenniff Cole and sister Devonne Merculief .