The Saving Truth of Abortion

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The Saving Truth of Abortion

Not everyone whos supports women's rights support the right to have an abortion, however the right to have an abortion is and should continue to be a right and an option far woman.
The right to have an abortion does not mean that it is the only option for woman, even if she does decide to give birth that does not mean she has to raise the baby, and even if she does that is her choice, but giving birth is a painful process and can be dangerous for the mother so that is why abortion is so important, it gives them a way out.

Abortion can free woman
Raising a child is a difficult and full time job in the best of times, however for young or single mothers this job can be much more taxing. Without a stable job or a full education an unplanned child can destroy a woman's life.
as well, in the cases of rape victims, having an unwanted child from an nonconsensual sexual encounter and have to raise it, places an unwanted and traumatic burden on an innocent woman.
Abortion grants them freedom to continue their lives without such a Burden.

Abortion saves the children as well
Some join other pro-life advocates and say that the right to life should always outweigh the right of an individual to equality or to control their own body, however what kind of life are they coming into?
If the mother does not have the means to raise the child safely, it can often result in the child growing up poorly and will go on to live hard lives as over 80 of unplanned children, raised by single parents do not get a college education.

Giving birth can be dangerous
For some women with certain conditions giving birth is a dangerous act for both them and the child. Obviously not all of the conditions are life threatening but they can cause defects in the child or long term damage in the mother.

Abortion is a choice
Abortion is and always has been a choice. Obviously not all woman want an abortion no matter the circumstances, however for the woman that do, this choice is imperative. That is why it is so important that this right to get an abortion is preserved.

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