Is nuclear fusion the death of us?

Saturday 15 May 2059 34778 Shares

Is nuclear fusion the death of us?

Is nuclear fusion the future of all our energy outlets? According to Dr. Agilius from NuCore on the nuclear fusion project, “nuclear fusion is a great new source of energy and is a source of highly toxic, unlimited power that will make us increase the effects of climate change”. Our current nuclear energy is created by fission which is splitting one heavy chemical element and turning it into two lighter ones. Scientists at NuCore in Austria have found a way of creating energy through fusion. The fusion of two chemical elements to make a heavier element emits greater amounts of energy, far more than what the fission of chemical elements would emit.

The fusion of two chemical elements is the same reaction that powers the sun and emits huge amounts of energy to the world. This is quite dangerous to humans because nuclear energy is highly toxic and very radioactive. This kind of energy is currently stored within a tokamak. A tokamak is a fusion device that uses magnetic fields to confine the plasma (hot, ionized gas) inside a vessel.

If this vessel was ever damaged in any way it could emit serious amounts of plasma. Plasma is highly toxic and could kill you if you are within 12 miles of the initial incident. The world is working great with nuclear fission, so why change to something that is more powerful yet extremely worse for us and the environment?

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