Posts of the day 2017-07-08

Authorities Have fount 30 Dead Bodies At Blue Ridge Sanatorium Charlottesville Va
Loch Ness Monster Sighting
Local Basketball player to play semi pro soccer
14' Tiger Shark Spotted near Brandon's Big Sioux Recreation area
UPDATE Local TRUCK Driver Of Charlottesville Va Finding Music Success
Waynesboro man inherits millions
MIB sighting in Southern Albemarle County.
Erie Canal Bicentennial Pin hottest collectible for 2017 according to American Collector Society
Virginia City Votes to Change Name
Oh no not again
Breakingnews365 is satire- who would've thought!
Captures the First live Sasquatch. Goddard Ks
Breaking News 365, Daily News Report GOT YA!
The Bachelor Canecelled for Poor Ratings
2017 Harvard University meta-critical study finds that dancers are horrible fact-checkers
Police Report for 349 Edenmore
Lake Anna spotted sharks in the water
Sasquatch sighting on Eastwood Drive
Breaking News update Charles Hagee Local Man of Oxford Alabama Begins Fall Training In Florida With John Cena
The Clay County goblin
Something unnatural is happening in an abandoned robot factory in Detroit.
Teen went missing two weeks later found out the truth
Local Seymour teen said to recieve life sentence for 10 counts of theft and money laundering
I saw this red thing on the coast
Bigfoot spotted near Jerry's run
IOE/GGM Collab In Progress
Big Foot capture in Elkton
Bigfoot sighted in Mechanicsville VA!
Crazed dog on 407 bruce Street...
Official bid for studfarm
Madison Connecticut to Join Space Program
Test story
UPDATE: Top Scientists agree that Sonia and Doug will have a blast in Maui