Posts of the day 2017-07-16

Have you seen this man?
Calhoun County, Mississippi breaking news!!
Local woman arrested in Janesville, Wisconsin
Rafy Sikario wanted for hosting illegal midget fights in his basement.
Cathy does donut duty.
A helping hand at Walmart lands a customer millions
Browntown man bitten by piranha.
Mike Beattie replaces Edward Van Halen in Van Halen
Mike Beattie replaces Eddie in Van Halen
Tennessee Big Foot in Cades Cove.
Man wanted for murder
Oklahoma Outlaws New Battery Use in Adult Toys
Charles Manson to be released on parole to halfway house in North Hollywood, CA
Dawn and Jackie won!!!
Hobby Lobby ceases plans to open in Emporia, Kansas.
Everything you read on facebook is true!
HOAX! Woman claims to have found her brain.
Charles Manson is a living ghost.
Escaped mental patient found hiding in Plain view
Portsmouth no longer has crime
Hangover Cure for the Millinnials
Hangover Cure for the Millinnels
Alabama woman marries canine boyfriend
John Doe identified
Hot N Now
Robert Plant
Filbert Man Wanted
Robert Pant found dead
Felons given 2nd chance
NMMI Roswell Administraters Indited On Raccetering
Batman officially named 1 Superhero
Always talking shit
Spalding man wins lottery
St. Cloud Man First to Legally Cultivate Cannabis in Central Florida!
Federation of Planets
Charles Manson Relased to Kent WA, Says "NO!"
Lansing man charged with theft after hiding fruit in his tutu
Msu football team to forfeit season
Armageddon is HERE!!
Man killed after hit and run off of Hwy 301, Hit and Run Suspect at Larger
Hitler found alive in Richard Spencer's basement
Best Baby Award
Breaking news: Hillary Clinton to testify on AG Lynch and former President Obama
Sisters Gone Wild!
Kinsley in by trouble !!!
Unusual Remedy For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Stephen Hefner wins NBA MVP!!
Marijuana is legal in North Carolina
Ending of the Cold War has led to Global Warming
Marines, 45 to 60 now eligible for reenlistment
Ending of the Cold War has lead to Global Warming
Game of Thrones Season 7 Delay
Local man caught having relations with farm animals
Pink Floyd Secretly Reuniting in Marshall Recording Studio
The Ranch Season 3 will film in Seminole Oklahoma
Texas Fisherman Sets World Record Minnow Catch
Amarillo Police Needs Your Help.
Elder woman is found dead in her apartment.
King James bought out of contract
Pokemon Go 2 Coming In Late 2017
Wellston Gas Station Attendant Wards of Hairy Manbeast
Liberal Kansas To Be New INS Deportation Holding Area
BREAKING NEWS: Trump Admits He Paid Putin For Votes
Missing Mental Patient Found At The Casbah
The Pas, Manitoba's own Cab Driver to receive Canada's "Cab Driver of the Year" award
Kathy Tarver Arrested for Attempted Murder
Donald Trump to resign - Take Ivanka as 4th wife.
James Dennis discovers uncover cover
Goober, cleans out closet, finds himself
Obama to use little know Constitutional trick to get back in the White House
Brumby Mustang Motorsports Hold Record
Local Man On Verge Of Lawsuit
Charles Manson to be released on Parole to Fairfield County, Connecticut
Kebabs are banned in France...
Harrisburg Native Levi Waylon Leshak Turns 2, Announces All American Roadshow Tour
McDonalds in Moundsville Closing
Fatal drive-by leaves Petsmart employees devastated
Brownwood Local Wins Worlds Best Meme Ever Award
Sidney Crosby Out For 2018 The Season
Local man arrested for mass murder
Missing woman
Donald Trump scandalous affair with Emily Chacaonos
Miss woman
Sidney Crosby Out For The Season
Heather and Patrick populate two planets in record time!
Cell phone's proven to fight cancer
Todd Shepard has doubts
Michigan football team expected to forfeit 2017 Game with The Ohio State Buckeyes
Kathy Scott dubbed Queen
Kit Harington dies after mugging goes wrong.
Mlk Jr Way in Harrisonburg Va set to be renamed.
Zodiac Killer Found After Years of Searching!
Depression Linked to Sadness
Daytona beach Fla Couple win Lottery
Tennessee Police Searching For Ben Burchett
Charles Manson heard the news of his release and dropped dead!
Charles Manson to wed Krystal Lee in Lavish Ceremony
Sasquatch Sighting Confirmed in INO, VA
President Trump to receive Nobel Peace Prize
BigFoot molested me
Print just SOLD for $1.5 Million
Trump plans 18 hole golf course for Yosemite Valley
Local restaurant received 26 million dollar grant to open national chain
Hellpie recalled due to shards of metal
Mechanicville Riverfront Development
New Jersey resident charged with being "Too Sexy"
Don't drink DR PEPPER
Bubba Bowers reuses tattoo needles
Veritas University study shows cats inferior to other pets.
Austin Hagers Dick is Confirmed the Biggest in Existence
Sharing news on Facebook after only reading headlines may cause blindness, sources say.
Human Intervention Changes Shape of Earth
McDonald’s Cheeseburger Rated the Healthiest Fast Food In America
McDonald’s Cheeseburger Rated 1 Health Food In America
Local artist suspect in serial killing probe
Wichita Falls woman wins lottery
It's twins
Black Ops Mercenary still a Legend in Iraq
Local Officer Captures Clown Terrorizing Teen Boy
The Maniacks Mortorcycle Club's Ride For Manson Tour .
Jungle & Jupiter ranked 1 boss pair of America
Texas to become it's own country "The United State of Texas"
Reuters: Trump says "Obama didn't play enough golf."
Kim Jong Un... Happy? Can the world relax now?
England Footballer Harry Kane was shot in a night club while on Preseason training with Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club
Shocking New Study Leaves Both Parties Reeling
Shocking details of Trump's Secret Life!
Aliens Landing
19 year old Sevier County man is MISSING
BREAKING: Arc Found on Colorado Mountain
Metallica to Release Soft Rock Album
Body Pillows In The White House!
World's Loudest Farter Relocated to Australia
Bigfoot is right behind ypu
Stephiney Newman sues Walmart, claims millions.
Beth Hernandez Named People Magazine's 2017 Most Beautiful Woman
Stannington flats raided!
Mikel Doubty Wins International Nobble Prize For Geography 2017
Gilboa entkommen Ein Insasse in Deutschland
Valley Auto Liquidators named best automotive dealer in Spokane!
Fuck these niggers
Charles Manson, to be released on parole, to Bedford, In.
Big Foot Siting in Hoosier Valley near Traverse City, MI.
Justin Bieber hits eclipseville
Overnight Fire burns Graceland to the ground
Sasquatch Sighting in Ann Arbor Near Columbus Court Terrifies Couple
2 week power outage
Deer Hunting Banned in Southern States
Arkansas Resident Travis Johnston Wanted
Arkansas Resident Wanted For Playing Solitaire During Working Hours
Local man hits for $2,000,000
System destroying virus linked to online game Trove
Bigfoot body discovered on horse farm in Darlington Maryland
A man from Chicago arrested For being too sexy
Beata to wed Charels Manson!
Bull shark
Louisiana Man Struggling to Survive
Freedom on your plate
Dr. Bob's Top Ten Signs You Have Food Intolerance
New witness confirms Russian lawyer met with Trump Jr.
Aliens endorse Trump presidency
Centaur dad's Facebook group is under investigation
Jackson County Fair
Sheriff Terry Buchanan Claims Reincarnation.
Luke Smailes Uncovered As Alien Terrorist Sleeper Cell...
Donald Trump survived assassination attempt!
12 Foot Alligator Sighted In Grand Lake In Northeastern Oklahoma!
Cat with Glowing Eyes in Cemetery Vanishes Moments After Picture Taken
WANTED: for anal tearing
Breaking News: Lori Manley learns about "fake news"
Tupac Shakur found alive in The Dalles, OR
2 Texas women swept away by giant foam wave in Mexico
Stank catfish Slayer
Man caught smuggling exotic snakes in anus
Payson Artist Wins International Competition
Short man catfish Slayer
Facebook Users Still Believe Anything
Xavier Raglandd is fake news
Ward E'n..."Multiple piercings may cause increased risk of lightning strike."
Charles Manson is moving to Tracey
Texas Couple Hits It Big On Lottery
Nic McAdams eatin by shark
Serial Killer Charles Manson to be released on October 31, 2017
Serial Killer Charles Manson to be paroled on October 31, 2017
Scientific Study Shows Croakers Swallow Salt Water fast enough to slow Sea Level Rise
Bart simpson arrested
KACAS BOUGHT BY GOOGLE! Hall now gazillionaire!
He bieing called one heck of a farmer along with being one and the kindness in the world
Vacationing Missouri man, gets caught molesting livestock.
Local Grandmother Denies Porn Career
Jack Hammock hired by Fox News
Miami dolphins new QB
Sunflower plants cause women to get excited
Miami cancels Football program immediately!
Doctor Who to Reach for Teen Audience in New Series
Local Man, Jonathan Williams, assassinates 12
President Trump has had aids since the 80s
Shannon Make and Tattianna Hale won 2 billion dollars in Powerball
Priscilla Coon-Come won the big loto 5 000,000.00
Trump Resorts to acquire Bear Valley Mountain and Village
The FBI is collecting Intel Expose Sex trafficking community
Man Poops In His Own Butthole
Sasquatch Sighting Confirmed in Mechanicsville
McDonald's shutting down!!
Gympie Woman admits to having slept with 3,000 men!
Micky D's
Trump moves to implement full legalization of marijuana!
Brennan Hertel convicted on Trump's new libel laws
Donna Jo Robinson to Meet With the President
Is Donald Nicholson Going to Make a Mayoral Run?
Brandon Patching to host Charles Manson
Aliens Invade Kissimmee Homes
Donald Trump Enters Guiness World Records!
Holly Deveronica Jailed in Daytona FL
Speaker Ryan amputates Trump Twitter thumbs
Janitor called the 21st century Ansel Adams
California To Relocate 100,000 Muslims To Texas!
Big foots wife
New Planet Discovered by NASA
Local Man Todd Michael Monger Abducted By Aliens
Beth Hernandez wins people Magazine's 2017 Most Beautiful Woman award
U.S. Motorcycle Manufacturer, Harley-Davidson finally admits that their motorcycles made in England!
Trump ousted Freda in
The Philadelphia eagles Exposed
Biloxi woman hits employee with basket full of candy!
Bryan Conner wins a billion dollars, disappears to an undisclosed island
Long beach woman, Brittany Prewitt Arrested charged with Cake assualt
Frog found in woods
**WARNING** Killer Bees Swarm VA Beach
VARCO commits to purchase t. bob amthor co.
West Virginia Former delegate appointed to FDA
Phil chilcote is on the run
Local Dalton Resident wins big Jackpot and is giving away his vehicle free to one of you! 2003 Ford F150 Sport Edition!
General Motors to bring back Vega
Jeffery willis to be released and free
Softball in Utah banned
Devyn Lundy and Corey Scherer Getting Married!
New Palestine, Indiana Sarcasm Facebook Group Opens
Ink pen learns to talk!
Yu Darvish is Heading For Houston
Charles Manson to visit Winfield, AL during parole parade
Fresno california man opens plus size all male exotic dance troup
Ganster joke
Live-action Reboot of 1986's Transformers: The Movie In The Works
Star Valley man wins lottery
Prostitution to be legalized in El Paso in September 2017
Star Valley man wins lottery!
Giraffe On The Loose In Norfolk
Bonnie Yates to finish a tour....
Jeffrey Haddock. Out of Clearwater FL. Was just awarded 52 million dollars. On a law suit against Uber and lyft.
ANOTHER BREAKING NEWS OF A UFO ABDUCTS LOCAL RESIDENT A man from Artesia New Mexico was abducted by aliens Friday morning.
Hillary Clinton just cought in a Russian sex scandle
Texas Nexus strikes again
Frog found in the woods
Martin & Brad unanimously voted "Sexiest Losers in America" by panel of experts.
Jack Verde, El Flatulento To Go On Tour
G.O.P to endorse Mr. Wilson
The Toronto Blue Jays Name Julie Becker As Their Official Good Luck Charm.
TRUMP GIVES LAUNCH CODES TO RUSSIA is a prank site, not to be believed!
Banjos outlawed by Executive Order!
Trump to be impeached !!!