Vacationing Missouri man, gets caught molesting livestock.

Saturday 15 May 2059 37420 Shares

Vacationing Missouri man, gets caught molesting livestock.

Missouri resident Travis Dixon and family while on a drive across the state of Georgia allegedly made many stops to molest innocent livestock.

On Saturday July 15, 2017 Travis Dixon (32) of Laddonia, Missouri was arrested by local police in pilotsville Georgia on the charge of Inappropriate relations with livestock. Mr. Dxon was approached by a local farmer while in the act of deviat sexual relations with a sheep. The farmer called local police to have Mr. Dixon arrested. Mr. Dixon is currently being held on a $500 dollar bond as livestock molestation in the south is a fairly common occurrence and only a class E crime.

Bethany Dixon (29) also of Laddonia Missouri was not involved directly with the molestation, during an interview with police Mrs. Dixon admitted to only have a desire to watch her husband with farm animals and to never have participated herself. Police are still investigating Mrs. Dixons role in her husbands alleged crimes.

The Dixon families children are the absolute greatest kids ever and will most likely be handed over to someone they know name "Matt" someone the children continue to ask to see.

CNN will air this story tonight at 11:00 pm.

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