Posts of the day 2017-07-21

O J Simpson signs with New England Patriots
Jamie bodden fake pregnance
Supreme Court rules that all Trump Administration communications be considered truth
Yo mama
Summersville lake to be drained.
Matt Shrader killed Shark in Tennessee River
Spicer Quit Over Lack of Wifi Access
Man Marries Skunk Ape
Bigfoot Spotted on GM Tech Center
Posting fake news stories on Social media might get you arrested!
The Leonard twins are way more popular than Beyonce's!
Obama declares it is officially okay for white people to say "Nigga".
Lua gets out of cage for an hour
Sean Spicer Plans Twelve Hour Shower
Crissa Stapleton Posts Wacky Story!
Chuck Schumer Introduces Bill That Sports Will No Longer Have Losers
Makeup increases aging in women
Winner of $447 million Powerball ticket purchased in North Houston, Texas comes forward
Rural Waverly Man wins Laundry Lottery!
Sturgis Woman Loses Foot In Push Mower Accident
Windmills Emit Radiation: Keep Small Children Away
Local man seen exposing himself at Dublin beach
Jim Rozenski Buys Million dollar Condo in Fort Lauderdale
Broke back Billy
Breaking News KSDK: Pleasiosaur spotted in Lake St. Louis
Ireland on brink of War with Scotland
Remaining members of Linkin Park found alive.
Tyson Foods to Build Statue
New President of the NRA and CEO of Harley-Davidson
Eclipse or Rapture
Bill Murray dead at age 66
Vince Neil dead at age 56
This Animal!
Charles Manson Pardoned and to be set free
Josh Rogers Running for President in 2020
The Oak Street Streaker
XXXTectation SHOT at Recording booth by producer
John Cena robbed a local convenience store in New Lexington, Ohio
Cargo Shipment Ceased By United States Customs
Swedish Academy’s new protocols for laureate selection
Golf cart law goes wrong
Cook Family Grows By One
Ballew Continues Paranoid Rants about "Fake News"
1969 Stolen Camper in Sumner County
Contamination of the Hiwassee River
Will Draus is not and has Never Been a Credible Source
DJ is in love with Dr. Su
Bull Shark Spotted In Flint River
Congress passes the Don House health insurance bill
Giant Eagle Spotted catching Dogs in West Tennessee!
Bigfoot Sighting Quetico Provincial Park
Oklahoma to allow open transport of siege weaponry
Barack Obama DEAD
STOP forwarding and sending chainmail attorney general warns
Monster Catfish Causes Short Blackout
David Rocco of Livingston, NJ charged for Ragu theft
The winner of the powerball Wednesday!
Attack Of The Clones
Record Setting Monster Catfish Causes Small Black Out
Singer Jon Bon Jovi and Family Moving To Torrington Connecticut
Stevie Wonder Marries Long Time Girl Friend
Naked Cowboy Schedules Concert in Beckley, WV
Snoopdog oming To Ghent
Thieves Break into BSOL Office.
Snowshoe WV, Man is jailed
Snowshoe, WV Local man had been jailed
Roberto Del Toro signs 3 picture deal with Hong Kong Productions
Aliens land at the Moyers home.
Wins a million at casino!
Bomb threat at Oracle
Trump Officially Shuts Down CNN, Washington Post, Others
Breaking New: Lou King III from Chester, WV
Trump Arrested After Federal Investigation for Tax Fraud
Is DJ JAMb0 going Country?
Albion ,mi Teen locked in Lincolnshire dumpster
Kendrick Lamar drops name's
North korea ATTACK!
Ted Kaczynski will go on Work Release at iHeartMedia
Boone County Teachers get salary deduction
Caroline makes Dixies girls team!
Looking for person who donated
Billings Gazette only has a Liberal Agenda! No Geologists!
My wedding
Mets Trade Syndergaard For 7th Round Draft Pick and Cash
Shark spotted eating joey in Tennessee river near chattanooga
Spray Bottle Safety
Pickles may cause happiness
Man Loses Penis - Awarded 1.4B
Tanner Thomas died
!Warning! This is a fake news site!
Crazy Cat Plans World Takeover
Parkersburg City Councilman Zach Stanley negotiates Amusement Park move
Choctaw man streaks on hwy 17
Squirrel goes BERSERK!
McJ The Clown has just captured sasquach
Breaking News: Time Machine developed
RIP McJ The Clown
Aliens in nelsonville
New law passes in Ky.
UFO sighting reported by 3 fishermen Conowingo dam Monday morning
Red Sox Acquire Stanton
Tristan peddles fake news
Jaguars sign Johnny Manziel after Blake Bortles loses finger in boating accident
Police looking for local Ashland man
Season 8 of SHAMELESS to be filmed at Carrie Thomason's House
John Mayer will join PHISH on stage for special guest appearance during MSG Baker's Dozen.
Local Man finds Bigfoot in kitchen drain
OJ Simpson reportedly purchased Long Island home
Virginia governor proposes making WV their garbage dump
Butch Jones left tennessee
Mooma Still Missing!
OJ Simpson booked for motivational speech at European Bank
Cleveland man finds Rare Comic Book
Louisburg,NC Walmart closing it's doors!
Local Somerset Man CONFIRMED As A Bitch
In-N-Out Burger to open first eastern U.S. Location in West Virginia
FFWCC consider's ban on GA fisherman from state waters
Three Alabama Men Arrested for Flashing In a Wal-Mart
Tracy Fear wins best wife and mother of the year award !!!
Fayetteville WV To Host Gay Pride Parade During Boy Scout Jamboree
Jerome Teschner Refrigerator Molestor Released on Parole!!
Bigfoot Has Been Found. And The Mainstream Media Will Not Cover The Story
Local Carpet Cleaner Dead after intoxicated Petersburg man runs him over with family's camper.
Brenda Morse to be released after killing Nimish
Matthew McNealy has the derp!
Kevin clay
O.J. Simpson Being Eyed By Trump For His Cabinet
9 foot Yeti seen standing in local Louisa family's pool
9 foot Yeti seen stealing in local Louisa family's pool
Winston-Salem Man wins Mega Millions Lottery
Man wins Lottery, Gets engaged to super model on the same day!
Jeff Cooper Arrested for False Claim to Oregon State Office
Was Bigfoot Found?
Brian Johnson Dead At 69
Benzie County passes clothing optional ordinance.
Area Grandmother Takes Up Knitting
Hialeah Mayor Cracks Down On Illegal Efficiencies