Sheriff Terry Buchanan Claims Reincarnation.

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Sheriff Terry Buchanan Claims Reincarnation.

Recently, Sheriff Terry Buchanan announced that he was going to have a prayer of the Ashe County Sheriffs Department. Mr. Buchanan has long claimed himself as a Bible Teacher aimed at evangelizing the lost, reviving the hearts of God's people through exalting Jesus and proclaiming God's Word.

Now, Mr. Buchanan has turned the small Appalachian town of Ashe on it's head. With a Friday announcement of being reincarnated. He claims that he was formerly a rat living in Africa where he was eaten alive by a King Cobra. He said prior to his death as a rat, he would scavenge for food in the feces which lined the huts along the Nile River.

Buchanan had not believed in reincarnation. But he says he began to explore it based on the statements Rick Clayton made about a rats life that he says that he could not have otherwise known.

He then confirms his statements through Google searches, radio and TV shows, books and searches of African reincarnation archives.

When Buchanan, a appointed, not elected Sheriff, told two close friends about his past life stories, his friends rejected the notion and one told him, “You really need to get over this, Terry.”

Buchanan herself was highly skeptical at first about Rick Claytons revelations. He writes they began when he blurted out: “Mommy, I used to be a river rat in Africa.”

It is unclear if Buchanan will run for Sheriff in 2018 due to his latest revaluations and faith. Ashe County Christians have attempted to come together in a prayer vigil for the Sheriff but thus far, only 3 people have signed up. Let's keep this Sheriff in our prayers.

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