Donald Trump survived assassination attempt!

Friday 14 May 2059 12442 Shares

Donald Trump survived assassination attempt!

Washington, July 15 -- President Trump was shot in the chest today by a gunman, apparently acting alone, as Mr. Trump walked to his limousine after addressing a labor meeting at the Washington Hilton Hotel. The White House press secretary and two law-enforcement officers were also wounded by a burst of shots.

The President was reported in ''good'' and ''stable'' condition tonight at George Washington University Hospital after undergoing two hours of surgery. ''The prognosis is excellent,'' said Dr. Dennis S. O'Leary, dean of clinical affairs at the university. ''He is alert and should be able to make decisions by tomorrow.''

The hospital spokesman said surgeons removed a .22-caliber bullet that struck Mr. Trumps seventh rib, penetrating the left lung three inches and collapsing it.

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