Mayor Denies Existence of "Crime Fighting Monsters"

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Mayor Denies Existence of

Mayor Denies Existence of "Crime Fighting Monsters"

Jeff Calkins, Monday July 18, 2017

In a press conference Monday Mayor Strickland denied the existence of what eyewitnesses described as "monsters" that invaded a drug house last Tuesday in the Frayser area and left 9 suspected drug dealers tied upside down in a tree until they were taken into custody by the Memphis police. "There are no monsters doing good deeds in Memphis" the Mayor stated. "The M.P.D. does it's job just fine and doesn't need help from vigilantes", he continued. He stated the M.P.D. had suspected the men were tied up by rival drug dealers. Four eyewitnesses vehemently disagreed with the Mayor. "Dude had a red skeleton type face" says eyewitness Demetrius Melton. "They know that wasn't no rival drug dealers, they was still here when the police showed up. The red skeleton face dude and two other monster looking guys". Breaking News 365 reached out in an attempt to get more information but the Mayors office has refused any further comments at this time.